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  1. In response to Danielle, most of my planets are in the Eastern Hemisphere, and mostly in the South-East quadrant, and then mostly in the 11th House! Like, I have five planets, including my Sun and Mercury, in my 11th House!!! Basically friendship and community are my everything and totally shape who I am and what I want. I feel like this makes even more sense as an ace person. I pour EVERYTHING into my friendships.

  2. 11 of mine are in the Northern hemisphere, and of those 7 are in the NW (2nd) quadrant. I’m definitely more introverted but love to express myself creatively – I have a lot of emphasis on making sure I present myself authentically, even if social interaction wears me out. I have zero planets in the 3rd quadrant which maybe speaks to my slight coldness towards the feelings/opinions of others, whoops.

  3. Cass says:

    9 in the South-East hemisphere, 8 of which are stuffed into houses 11 & 12.. I agree with the independent and focused part, but the rest? not so much. Could this have something to do with how many are shoved together in my 12th house (ruled by Cap)?

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