Tarot aces = opportunities

I find Aces relatively easy to interpret in a reading.

The key word which springs to mind with all of them is ‘opportunity‘.

Like the hand from the clouds on each of the Waite-Smith Aces, something is reaching out and offering you an opportunity related to the card’s suit. Importantly, they are not ‘new starts’ in themselves – these cards aren’t gonna do things for you – but rather a chance to change something, develop something, try something out. The trick is to reach out and grab that hand from the sky, shake it firmly, accept the challenge, make a deal with the card, say ‘yep – I accept this opportunity – thanks, I’m gonna grasp it with both hands and use it wisely’.


Look at this sulky guy on the Waite-Smith Four of Cups – he’s so bust being bored by the three cups in front of him, that he can’t even see the little Ace beside him, offering him new creative or emotional experiences, which by the looks of things is just what he needs:

The Aces are like: ‘don’t be this guy!

They are wonderful, exciting signs. They promise exciting times ahead… but they bring with them a responsibilities. So you’ve got some wonderful opportunity coming up. Firstly – are you going to let yourself see it? If you see it, are you going to make the effort to understand it? And finally, if you see it and understand it…are you gonna grab it? What are you going to do with it? I guess an Ace can make your head spin!

I love the Anna K images below, which show not only the emblem of the suit as an opportunity, but someone grasping that opportunity with an enthusiasm appropriate to its qualities:

Wands (fire)

She steps out across the gorge, looking spirited and exciting. She’s not 100% steady, but she’s determined, filled with the fire of the Wands suit and she’s going on an adventure.


Pentacles (earth)

She seeks out the treasure hidden in the earth, and digs for it. It’s hard work, but she knows it’s worth the effort.


Swords (air)

She grasps the sword and holds it ahead of her, ready to cut through bullshit, resolve conflict and seek the truth. This is the ‘take no shit’ card, I love it.

Cups (water)

She dips her chalice to fill it top overflowing with the waters of emotion, creativity, spirituality. She’s about to follow her heart, drinking from the cup to refresh and restore her on the journey – she’ll go forth with an open heart.


Each of the characters in these cards embraces the challenge offered by the Ace, reminding us that these four cards are about taking action. So when we see an Ace turn up in a reading, it’s all about looking around for those opportunities, understanding them, and taking them.

And if we don’t see an opportunity presenting itself like a hand popping out of a cloud, then maybe it’s time to create our own.

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  1. Little Red says:

    Hi Chloe! A friend and I have bought each other the Anna K decks…so I’m awaiting mine at the moment. Looking forward to your blog posts…and I’ll point my friend in that direction too :)x

  2. Cass says:

    Hey Beth,

    I love your interpretation of the aces. I just drew the Ace of Wands this morning. And this post is a good reminder that it’s up to me to get stuff done and move even if i’m not sure, so I can harness that energy. Thank you!

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