Goodbye 2014… a simple new year ritual

New year – my favourite ‘festival’

You can make a fresh start any time you like, but there’s something about that collective energy, the idea that people all over the world are somehow doing this together, that makes new year’s eve incredibly special to me.

Tonight, I’ll be saying goodbye to 2014 with a couple of friends.

Here’s what we might do – a simple new year’s ritual I enjoyed a couple of years ago, in a different home, in a different town, with different friends.

Each person has three pieces of paper.

On the first one they write three things they were grateful for in the past year.

On the second, they write three things they wish to let go of at this time.

On the third, three things they want to welcome into their life in the coming year.

Taking one sheet at a time, we go round the group so that each person (if they want to) can share what they’ve written. And once shared, those thoughts can be thrown onto the fire.

It’s a small ritual – not too intense, yet surprisingly deep.

The last time I did this, there were a lot of tears, and a powerful feeling of letting go. This year, perhaps it will be the same. There are so many things I’m grateful for, so many things I’d like to leave behind. And don’t get me started on the things I want to welcome into my life in 2015.

We shall see. Right now, I just want to be present in the moment with my friends and our thoughts and our feelings.

Whatever you’re doing tonight, have a wonderful night. 

Beth xxx

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  1. Danielle says:

    yep, doing this – probably after my new year’s tarot reading but before putting on my fancy dress to go out with friends.

    happy new year, beth! xx

    • Beth says:

      Happy new year Danielle! I hope it was as lovely for you as it was for me. I’ll be doing a new year tarot reading today (1st Jan) too…but I did draw a card last night – the Two of Wands!

      What did you dress up as?

      • Danielle says:

        it was! though admittedly because i was running late pre-party-times i wound up doing it semi-tipsily when i got home at 2:30am, haha.

        ah! just a fancier version of myself, though i did wear my new-favorite arrow necklace. 🙂

  2. chloetarot says:

    My partner and I did this, though minus the paper, just talking it through together. Very lovely! An additional bit we did, based on something I read yesterday, was try to think of our goals for 2015 in terms of what we’d like to experience, rather than do. So, to feel a sense of achievement and creativity, rather than to learn to play the keyboard, for instance… 🙂

    • Beth says:

      Glad you enjoyed it Chloe.. it’s so simple yet so moving, I find.

      I love your approach to resolutions. Generating yet another ‘to-do list’ always seems a little sad on new year’s eve… resolving to experience something sounds so much more beautiful. I think I will copy your idea as I clarify my resolutions today 🙂

      Oh, and happy new year – it turns out you were my number one commenter of 2014!

  3. emma says:

    it was so good to do. and i really like burning them at the end. and the soft tears from Beth as you listen. gorgeous you.

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