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  1. Great post Beth. I agree with you on this one. Cards aren’t good or bad it is our perception that colors their meaning. I remember 15 years ago I went on a holiday with my family, I had my first tarot deck and a little guidebook with me (brand new) I’ve read the book, but when we came home the cards were still sealed. I was so afraid I would pull the death card and I would learn we wouldn’t get home safely 🙂

  2. Em says:

    I think I’m more fond of the 4 of Pentacles than most people seem to be; I’ve turned it up in a few readings lately, and I’m realizing that in some contexts (such as, for example, dealing with my fucked-up controlling family), “NO, THIS IS MINE, YOU CAN’T HAVE IT” is an incredibly powerful, freeing statement.

  3. chloetarot says:

    Totally with you on this, Beth! I once had the World come up, and it was what I was banging my head against – hoping and expecting the World would be beautiful and happy, when really it is just all those shades of grey. Kind of like a magnified realisation of the potential cruelty of the Ten of Cups, which you’ve discussed 🙂 However, I still don’t much like the Tower – maybe just because there’s a Tower event from nearly seven years ago that I still haven’t really come to terms with…

  4. And then there’s the position issue in a spread. I had a reading today which was very complicated, indeed, because I got a really “positive” card in an “obstacle” position and vice versa. Make the reading interesting, but it showed me all too well, as your longer reading on vacation did, that context is so important, and that the cards can be positive or negative, or more likely some gradation between, depending not the question and if used, the spread position.

    I love the relating of cards to each other, as well. Modifies the “black and white” view of things.

    And totally agree with Em on the 4 of P: He’s not always a miser. Again, the context is everything.

  5. I dropped the good card/ bad card view a long time ago… Though recently I go a little eye opener courtesy of the Sun… I was looking at an ongoing problem I’d been having and wrote myself a spread and where I’d put – How did you get yourself into this situation? Up came XIX… Now it is one of my birth cards so I do have a fondness for it and it’s easy for me to think of it as a happy happy joy joy card… But that day, it said… Karen,,, you landed yourself in this mess with your naive optimism…
    lol 😀

  6. Xanax Buying says:

    One thing that really helps me is having a really good spread or question in mind, knowing exactly what I’m asking from each card – it’s easy to think that a Three of Swords or a Tower just means YOU’RE GOING DOWN no matter what the initial question was about, but often, I find, those cards come up for me as symbols of strength and positive change. Similarly, I find it helpful sometimes to include a card meaning, plain and simply, “obstacle” in a spread, so I can’t project any possible feel-good meanings on it, no matter how “positive” a card it is considered. Every card has good and bad sides just like literally every situation in life. Learning to read the tarot, I’m finding, is basically learning how opposites interact to construct everything.

  7. Brooklyn says:

    Hi, I am doing a research project in my psychology class on suicide. It’s a very broad subject and I plan on including a brief section about how people can take death omens/superstitions very seriously. I was wondering if any cards sort of related to suicide in any way or if you’ve ever had a reading like that. Sorry in advance as I know this could be personal. Thanks in advance.

  8. I love this. I’m somewhere between a grounded Earth type fond of stability and an up-at-’em, flexible Fire type, so I’m very fond of the Tower in my personal readings. It lets me know that I can really lean in to whatever change is coming instead of trying to hold things steady. My feelings about the Queen of Swords, on the other hand…

  9. Hi Beth – great post. I just got the shock of my life this morning, when I did a reading for myself using the celtic cross spread, with the Ten of Swords representing me, the Death card symbolising the situation and the Seven of Swords being the most probable outcome! Would you have any insights on this?! It’s the worst spread I’ve ever pulled for myself! 😮

    • Gina, I’ll put in my 2 cents here! (But I definitely look forward to Beth’s insights, too…) Sounds like you are in for some big transformation! When the Death card comes up, it can so frequently be about getting rid of what you don’t need in order to make space for positive change — challenging, yes — but do-able and necessary in your current situation.
      If the 10 of Swords is you, then it looks like there’s nowhere to go but UP (and that’s a good thing). BUT beware of perceiving yourself as a victim.
      7 of Swords says to me that your probable outcome is that you’re taking charge of this situation and acting in your own self interest (sounds positive to me). There is a BIG difference between the victim of the 10 of swords and the “Lone Wolf” of the 7 of swords!! The Lone Wolf knows how to take care of herself and take charge when no one else will.

  10. Alex McLean says:

    A few weeks ago I was drawing cards with my 10 year old son. He was due to go to a birthday party and I suggested he draw a card for it. He drew 10 of swords! He has had a history of behaviour issues (much better now) and this is a new school/new friends so I was a bit worried. Anyway we got to the party and it’s at a sports play centre, where they do a cricket workshop. Dropped him off. Came back a couple of hours later, and it turns out the cricket play centre also does glow in the dark battle themes, and I walk in to see a table full of kids, each with a white ‘sword’ in front of them. I had to laugh! As I get more in to tarot, I find so often the cards are very literal in that way for me, I’m quite a practical, straightforward person so I guess that’s just the way they speak to me.

  11. Pj says:

    Hi Beth
    I asked tarot cards why o can’t get a job and picked 9 swords and tower
    What does this mean? I then asked when will I get job and got 3 of pentacles – pl help

    Blessings PJ

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