The ‘Go Get Her’ tarot spread

Here’s a li’l spread I made up for fun the other day while writing a ‘create your own tarot spread’ exercise for Autostraddle’s Tarot School

I’ve called it the ‘Go Get Her’ spread and it is designed to help you work out how to shoot stingingly-sexy arrows of love and lust into any desired heart.

Here are the positions…

Go Get Her tarot spread

1. What does my heart desire?

2. What does her heart desire?

3. What barriers are in my way?

4. Where to aim for

5. Special skillz 1

6. Special skillz 2


One-sentence answers only please! This is a kerr-POW kinda spread.

Here’s mine…

I’m aiming for Angel Haze, BTW.

Go Get Her!
Go Get Her!

1. What does my heart desire? 

Death: I’m dying for a change

2. What does her heart desire?

Two of Cups: True romance.

3. What barriers are in my way?

Son of Wands: Some sexy, charming dude. Huh.

4. Special skillz 1

Eight of Cups: I don’t look back

5. Special skillz 2

Eight of Wands: She can’t miss my message

6. Where to aim for

Temperance: Catch her off-guard when she thinks all is calm


Nine of Cups: Grant her a wish.


So, aside from the fact that my barrier, that sexy dude, is most likely my partner Emma, I’m all fired up to sweep Angel off her feet! [Sorry Em].


How about you? 

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  1. deyne says:

    Great spread – I modified it a little to get a handle on how to repair my relationship after a major fight. Our barrier is the Three of Swords… ooof.

  2. Shar says:

    Hi Beth,

    Great post for a cool spread! I was just wondering you could help interpret some of the positions for my own reading that I didn’t quite understand?

    His hearts desire: Queen Wands. I wasn’t sure whether to read this as passionate sex or as myself, as the Queen Wands usually shows up as me.
    Barriers: 3 Cups. Would this mean the barrier is that we are friends, or would it be his own friends or a third party?
    Where to aim: The Hermit: Should I aim to spend time with him to find out about him, or should I give him space to think?
    Do this now: Ace Cups: Is this to be spontaneous and reveal my true feelings/open up?

    Thanks for your spread, and your blog. I enjoy reading it. Keep up the good work!

  3. april says:

    Hello, can you teach us beginners on how to make our own tarot spread I have no ideal on how to create one and would love to personalize tarot spreads for family and friends.
    Thank you,

  4. S says:

    Hey, thank you for this interesting spread. I look forward to try it soon!
    I have a question regarding card #2, “What does her heart desire?”
    While I found card positions like this one helpful in the past, I’ve become more sensitive about three party readings and now feel like such a question means treading the grey zone.
    What’s your opinion on that? Where do you draw the line?
    I’m interested in your answer- excuse if you’ve written about it in the past and I overlooked it, I’m new to your site. (And enjoy your writing very much!)
    Btw, the link from the entry “Create your own tarot spread” (on littleredtarot, not autostraddle) that should lead here is broken, you might want to fix that 🙂

  5. Justice Manns says:

    I got the star for what to do now. any insist on that. I think it means just have hope.

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