Getting shit done – trying out the Procrastination Conversation spread

In which I’m gonna test-drive two spreads I’ve recently been working on. They both need a more work, but in the spirit of moving the darn things forwards (and putting a couple of little ticks on my list!!) I’m gonna post this now. It gives me a warm fuzzy feeling of progress.

1. The ‘procrastination conversation’ spread

1. Dude, how’s it going?

Five of Swords

Well, Im feeling pretty awesome like I just won a battle…but now I think on it, I’m getting a sense it was a hollow victory…have I really won? My battle is with my to-do list, and sure, I just ticked something off…but I cheated! It wasn’t on the list in the first place and I just wrote it on so I could tick it off! Damn.

2. Awww…I can’t get my thing done because…

Three of Wands

I can’t get through this list because I’m dreaming on other, faraway things…like for some reason last night I was thinking about what bloody Christmas presents I’m gonna get for people!! Stuff like that. It’s distracting, and at the same time I’m convincing myself I’m doing something good, because I’m ‘getting organised’ or something.

3. Rubbish! Just do a little of this…

Ten of Swords reversed

Don’t get down about it, just go right back to the bottom of your list, to those grim jobs you never wanted to do in the first place, and tick them off first. Use rock-bottom as a springboard to propel you up the list to the things you really want to do, like playing with Tarot cards!

4. Nah, I can’t get my thing done because I’m doing this…

Knight of Swords

Instead, though, I’m rushing gung-ho into things I might not be able to manage, starting lots of new things without finishing the stuff I’m supposed to be doing. I’ve got bored of the old things that need wrapping up and I can only think about the new ideas. Like doing this spread.

5. Dude, seriously. Just focus a little on this

Five of Cups

Okay – some things have fallen by the wayside. And y’know what? You can’t actually manage them all. So say goodbye to three things – seriously, just cross them off the list. Then, instead of feeling bad about it, turn around and get on with the rest of it.

6. And whatever you do, do NOT do this…

Judgement reversed

 Don’t be harsh on yourself. Enjoy your day off.

7. One final thought…

Nine of Pentacles reversed

You can’t manage everything, so don’t sweat it.


2. The ‘planning backwards’ spread

I wanted to test-drive this spread on a long-term project in order to use all of the positions, but I have designed it so that you can use it for something smaller by simply missing out the third and fourth cards. So I’ve asked about a long-term career-goal.

I found it helpful to read the cards backwards, as in, from 1 to 8, right to left, but to write them up from 8 to 1, so that they form a plan taking me from now to my goal.

I used the Anna K Tarot cards because they are so bright and cheerful, and are clear in their message and not loaded with complex symbols. And also because they are my friend-cards, and I wanted this advice from a friend, not a spiritual guide. 

8. Where you are now   Two of Cups

Ooh, lovely times – partnership and a sense of shared understanding. I wondered what this was referring to? Someone I’m partnered with? That’s sure looking lovely. Or does it illustrate elements of my emotional life being in harmony with each other? That works too… 

7. Something to lose or give up on now   Seven of Wands

Stop fighting. This ain’t about power struggles or competiton, just get on with your own thing.  

6. Something to keep and focus on now   Three of Pentacles

Teamwork and hard work. Planning together, building on the strengths of others as well as my own skills and ideas. I’m thinking of an organisation I’m a member of where I could turn for community support. 

5. Progress check – things to think about now   King of Cups

In times of doubt, seek advice from someone wise and diplomatic whom you trust – someone who listens, cares and gives sound advice that’s relevant to you.

4. Something to lose   Ten of Pentacles

Don’t think you can have it all perfect and lovely and make a fortune. This ain’t about that, so just let it go.

3. Something to keep   Knight of Cups

If this is something you want with all your heart, then bear that in mind, and focus in on it. It’s time to give this your full attention, and follow your heart rather than your head for now.

2. One more thing…   Four of Cups

Don’t get bored – keep things fresh and look for opportunities – keep your heart open. When everything seems a little…well…daily grind-y, look for the exciting elements and build on those.

1. Your goal!   The Star

Hope, renewal, and most importantly, the confidence to be truly myself in this. A new start in this new career. Lovely!

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