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  1. Suzanne says:

    Merry Christmas, Beth. Thank you for sharing a part of your life (and your wisdom) via your blog. It’s refreshing to read an authentic blog that feels real. Xx

  2. First, I love your blog (I found you through Autostraddle) and I’m really excited to be starting on this tarot journey! I used interview spread with my newly acquired, first deck (Shadowscapes) today.
    1. Tell me about yourself — The World
    So this deck is all about beauty and balance and peace. Nothing is black and white, nothing is all good or all bad. This deck is all about the big picture.
    2. Strengths? — Four of Wands
    This deck is ready to let loose and do the thing! It’s bursting with energy.
    3. Limitations – King of Pentacles
    This one puzzles me a bit, but there is something sort of passive about the King of Pentacles in this deck. They’re literally rooted to the ground. So maybe it’s telling me it’s all about introspection and long term stuff and less about taking immediate action?
    4. What are you hear to teach me? — Queen of Swords
    “With her blade, the Queen of Swords slices through lies and deception to the heart of truth” (accompanying guidebook) Well, okay then. That’s pretty straightforward. This deck is to cut through my BS.
    5. How can I best learn from you? — Ten of Swords
    Again, not pulling any punches. I see this card as being about how sometimes stuff just happens and you have to ride it out. That I need to relinquish control. Also possibly that rough stuff is ahead?
    6. Potential Outcome? — Knight of Swords
    So this deck is going to be real honest. Real, real honest.
    I pulled a bonus card, just asking the deck if it had anything more to say and…
    7. Eight of Swords.
    So it’s letting me know I’m in it now, but that there is light at the end of the tunnel and this deck wants to help me.

    Overall, I think this deck is really ready to go on this journey with me, is going to be very honest and make me confront some really difficult truths, but it also wants me to succeed. It wants me to find balance, to see the beauty and the good in every situation.

  3. Thank you, again, dearest Beth.

    Beautiful confluences: I recently started working at a sustainable fashion, hair and art salon where I’ve been a customer for years, and which carries a small but eclectic collection of Tarot and oracle decks. I had been eyeing the Tarot of the Cat People for several months, flipping through the sample cards every time I visited the salon. With my first check, I splurged on the deck and tonight, and many moons after you posted this, I sat down to ask the internet for a good deck interview. I found that once again, had exactly what I was seeking, and exactly the same deck, too.

    Here’s what my deck had to say:

    Important characteristic: Ten of Swords. This deck will be a source of solace for when things seem desolate.

    Strength: Queen of Wands. She is a gracious hostess with great sympathy for those in her care, and able to adapt to each person’s need.

    Limits: The Tower. This deck has no patience with old ways and structures, and seems to want to clear the way ahead with a bolt from the sky, regardless of how difficult the change may be.

    Teach me: Six of Cups. A reminder to look up from the cups of regret and worry, and be fully present and alive to each precious moment.

    How can I best learn? The Empress. Mind your Elders, especially your Mother, she is the source of Life. Be alert to any opportunity. Get It, Girl.

    Potential outcome: Temperance. This deck and I have a beautiful friendship ahead creating harmony.

    Much gratitude from Florida.

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