A full moon tarot reading

There’s a bunch of interesting stuff going on at the moment, so I’m going to check in with myself using my full moon tarot spread.

Cards are from the Wild Unknown Tarot, by Kim Krans

Waning moon

1. Things to let go of: Son of Cups

Out with the young, brash romantic. Those dreaming, rather blinkered, idealistic dreams are fading and giving way to something much more real.

2. Things to keep: Father of Pentacles

Real like the Father of Pentacles! Here is the transition from idealistic dreamer to pragmatic, realistic provider that I must make.

3. The next full moon: The Fool

But it’s not all sense and sensibility. The Fool reminds me of the continual cycle of death and rebirth, that the next phase, the next dream, the next era-of-myself begins soon.

Waxing moon

4. How the world affects you: Two of Swords

Is this something I’m not seeing? Or is the world not seeing me?

5. What to give: Mother of Cups

Creativity, love, intuition. No holding back now.

6. What to receive: The Heirophant

I will seek the wisdom of a mentor – wise words from my elders. I do not have to figure everything out for myself – there are people in my world who can advise me right now. I know very well that this is what I need, but I resist out of arrogance.


7. What to learn: Six of Pentacles

Life is an exchange. We give, we receive. Both can be hard, and both can be satisfying. In particular, there is a way to receive that doesn’t hurt my pride – and that is to ditch the pride itself. It’s okay to be nurtured.

I’ve deliberately kept this short – I have a lot in my head and I don’t feel like rambling. I understand what the cards are saying and know how I want to approach the next two weeks.

Want your own full moon tarot reading? Try the spread for yourself here!

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