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  1. For me, as a tarotist of more than 40 years, this is a so sad. I am of mixed race – albeit less obviously than many others – and I read regularly for mixed race clients, and the “Do these images represent me?” question has never been raised. Why? Because the archetypes spoken of by these images are universal. They do not have to show a man with a shattered limb, a woman of colour with a dead baby, a disabled couple being married, a Syrian child losing her parents, an Asian woman being gang raped, an old Chinese woman cradling her grandchild, an old Inuit man sitting alone on the ice – well, you get the point? We understand the images and we take them into our soul, interpret them and weave the story from the fabric of our own lives. That’s why we can relate to Tarot cards that portray only animals, or angels, or fairies, or cats, or Native Americans, or Occult imagery. To feel excluded from the image of the High Priestess because I am a man; or from The Hierophant because I am a woman; or from The Sun because I am neither a white boy baby or a horse – well, for me this is to miss the essence of Tarot entirely.

    • I think it’s human to recognize yourself in the world and to want to. I agree we can engage the archetypes without this level of recognition. Especially when we think this is our only option. Since I have found diverse decks my relationship with the archetypes has deepened. When my mentor used a deck with faces like mine I felt safe in the space she created for me and I felt seen. I had no idea it would affect me at all. At the time I also thought it didn’t matter. Not everyone will respond like I did I’m sure. And not everyone will express it out loud when they feel these things. You may not know what it means to the person across the table to be affirmed and to be seen. They may not know either. Until it happens.

    • A. says:

      I get what you’re saying, but I disagree on the conclusion. There’s a tendency in the wider culture to think of whiteness (and maleness, and straightness, etc etc) as default, to which anyone should be able to relate, and anything else is a deviation from that norm, it must represent something specific, it must be for those kinds of people only. This, of course, does bleed into tarot as a product of that culture, which is a real shame because the community is full of so many femmes and alternate gender identities, so many people of color, so many queer people. Not discussing this tends to keep things in a “colorblind” (I don’t see the lack of darkness because I don’t see color) status quo.

      And, rather than split up my comment….
      Siobhan, thanks for a thoughtful post. I’m still pondering over some of my quibbles, but I am so with you on 6 & 7, and I think it’s a great idea to celebrate the decks that do this well. Off the top of my head from my collection, I can think of the Science Tarot (no people in the numbered minors but the majors had diversity in mind), the Girlfriends Tarot (really adorable, pip deck but lots of different POC representation, probably my most casually diverse deck which is surprising for such a little, easily-overlooked gem), and the Tarot of the Cat People. Also, I know the Light Grey Tarot has several great POC figures (I love the King and Queen of Swords in that deck), but I don’t remember the overall balance or feel. And the Sakki-Sakki has not many peach-colored people and instead a whole rainbow of odd colors, so it is probably worth mentioning in this context although a bit different.

  2. This was a really challenging essay to read. On the one hand, I agree with the earliest respondents in the #TarotSoWhite discussion that there seems to be a lack of diversity in Tarot, but on the other hand – after reading your contribution – I feel like the problem may not be the available Tarot decks, but me myself: even when I think I’m being more aware and attentive to imbalances in the Tarot world, I’m still not seeing the people of color who are already present. If like me the white-majority of readers is convinced that it’s seeing a stellar lack of diversity, but the PoC-minority of readers isn’t seeing the same, then I feel like it must mean that both the problem and the solution are biased by the white-majority’s perceptions and possibly misunderstandings. You’ve given me a lot to think about – thanks for sharing your perspective.

    • When I wrote this I expected that many wouldn’t agree regardless of race. Even I think it’s worth talking about how there are fewer representations of POC in tarot despite what it sounds like here. But when it comes to issues like this I feel the real change comes when people start by analyzing and acknowledging their own biases, beliefs, and limitations. Especially when it’s tempting to assign blame. It’s not as clear cut as “publishers don’d do enough” or “I haven’t done enough.” The truth is somewhere in the middle – muddled and paradoxical. And hence worth thinking and inquiring about. I’m relieved to know this piece inspired thoughts. This is what I hoped for! Thank you for hearing me and for your feedback, James!

  3. I appreciate that you took the time to add another diverse voice to this discussion. I’m a queer white tarot reader and I’m glad to learn more about diverse decks, and I’ll be looking forward to reading your post about being an earnest ally.

  4. I’m so grateful that you added your voice to this conversation Siobhan. As always you’ve added so much realness and vulnerability and pragmatism, and as always you’ve given me loads of food for thought. As a white person who lives in a diverse and radical online bubble but an incredibly white real life bubble, my learning how to be a good ally is slow and though it’s no POC’s job to educate me, the more I am able to access diverse opinions on these topics, the more I can challenge my own thinking and grow.

    Thanks especially for reiterating this:

    “An ally actively pursues and promotes POC and decks with POC on their platforms, in their content, and in their giveaways. An ally educates people about the diverse options available. An ally fills their collection with diverse decks and educates themselves without burdening POC with the task of constantly teaching them.”

    It’s not rocket science, but it involves putting aside the delicate white ego and committing to what allyship and genuinely diverse spaces can look like.

    Looking out for your follow-up post, too!

    • I’m glad you liked this piece and I’m super grateful for you and people like you who go to the trouble of creating those bubbles – radically inclusive spaces where diverse can be the norm. “Alternatives” are what will make the old way obsolete and irrelevant.

  5. Thank you so, so much for adding to this discussion. It’s worth it to hear from all points of view on this. And I did wonder about the thought that there aren’t a lot of diverse decks… I tend to be drawn to decks that have fewer human figures, but the ones with human figures that I’m drawn to have people of color, people of all ages, women on the King cards, men on Queen cards etc. (Right now I’m loving the Book of Shadows So Below deck for having all kinds of people on it.)

    When I started to get interested in the online Tarot community, I was so excited to see black queer Tarot readers talking about Tarot. Because I don’t want to just hear voices echoing my experience. I want spaces where it is safe to be vulnerable and disagree. And I’m so glad you took that space and talked about what #tarotsowhite means to you, because our vulnerability and ability to love one another will bring us to the revolution.

  6. Hi Siobhan. I applaud your bravery, vulnerability and honesty in putting your own personal thoughts and feelings out there. Like you, I have decks that are full of every kind of person you can imagine! I find those decks are actually more interesting and relatable.
    On the subject of ‘archetypes are archetypes and it shouldn’t matter’… on the one hand.. sure, and animal decks show that.
    On the other hand.. I was reminded of something that happened in a discussion group I was in that I think might shed some light on the subject. It was a Buddhist study group and we were going through the “Dhammapada” (the Buddha’s sayings). I noticed that I had been substituting “she” and “her” for “he’ and “him” to make the words have more meaning to me. To feel them in my body rather than just hear them… it really does make a big difference. Try it sometime with important writings of old, if you haven’t already. So, one evening I asked everyone to close their eyes while I read the passage and I read it substituting feminine pronouns. It had quite an effect on both the men and the women. These were mostly older people who had not thought much about this. The women were deeply touched by how the words reverberated deep inside them in a way they hadn’t before. But the men.. that was the most interesting part… one man, the Buddhist monk leading the group, opened his eyes and said “that was very illuminating.. I kept thinking “who is SHE?”. The point is… sure we can all relate to the archetypes and learn through them.. but I’ll never forget the difference to those words(and pictures in the case of Tarot) when it was about ME.. not ‘him’.

    • Thank you for sharing this powerful story Judy!! These little shifts can be nothing or they can be a powerful way to feel closer and connect to a message. I’m definitely going to try this the next time there’s an opportunity!!

  7. Living in Biloxi, Ms I have a diverse clientele. One day, an Afro-American came over for a reading with. I felt highly uncomfortable, I did not have a “diverse” tarot deck. When I buy a Tarot Deck, I never think about looking for the skin color or ethnicity depicted in the deck. I look for its accuracy. Is it pretty looking and do the images spark my intuition and abilities. So I went and said to that client of mine: I am soooo sorry! I don’t have a Tarot Deck representing your skin color. Oh you cut of cut the silence in my tarot room with a knife!!! Finally, she spoke up! She said, “I don’t care what color the people in the pictures are. I came here for you to tell me what the cards say about my situation!”. Oh dear, I gaffed but went on to do her reading for her. Next African-American that came over for a reading, she just looked at me and said: “your white! Are you sure you can read the Tarot”? lol… Yes said I, and scarelly accurate lol… I think the tarot community make to much of a big deal about race, our clients just want us to know what we are doing when we give them a reading…

  8. Jan says:

    As an African-American woman who reads tarot only for myself (for decades), I find it very difficult to seek counsel from people outside of my race. There are too many layers of the onion to peel, and too many good readers who don’t understand the issue of race in 2016 (and do not care to learn, which is their right and privilege, because archetypes are archetypes), and therefore cannot REALLY interprete the cards in context.

    • I can relate to this. For years I would only read for myself. I never inquired deeply about why but I wouldn’t be surprised if this was related. I feel blessed to know so many readers with privilege who do care to learn. The more of them I meet, the more hope I have that there are even more out there. I just wrote about this in my newsletter – how powerful it can be to meet people who do care and how these meetings can challenge our belief that there are none.

  9. Jan says:

    I work for therapists and this topic comes up often in the clinical therapy environment as well–“culturally competent practitioners.” Many therapists seek post-graduate training because we’re all connected and the world is becoming smaller. More often than not, clinicians will end up working with people from all walks of life, especially in the large city in which I work. There are many well-meaning people who really do want to assist, but I don’t want to be “accommodated.” If you have to apologize for not being the person who you thought I would expect you to be (see how complicated this can get?) before the reading even begins, I will have difficulty trusting the overall process. I speak only for myself, and feel very fortunate to be able to read for myself. I believe the best tarot reading requires a certain level of trust between client and reader. I am grateful that more and more readers of all persuasions are coming forward. We need them all.

  10. I’m a white queer woman living in a very redneck country town in Australia. I’ve traveled to places all over the world. I’m certainly more open minded than most people I know because of the traveling that I’ve done. Thank you for your voice on this topic. When people were saying that there’s not enough diversity in tarot decks I wondered if they had gone blind. I have a couple of decks that are diverse: The Sun and Moon Tarot, and Tarot of the Cat People have already been mentioned. There’s also an oracle deck called “Earth Magic” by Dr Steven Farmer that has a nice array of POC in it. Many blessings.

  11. Thank you for sharing this nice story like this Judy. There are many well-meaning people who really do want to assist, but I don’t want to be “accommodated.” If you have to apologize for not being the person who you thought I would expect you to be (see how complicated this can get?) before the reading even begins, I will have difficulty trusting the overall process. I speak only for myself, and feel very fortunate to be able to read for myself.

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