From the ground up – the Knight of Disks

Okay. So today it’s:

  • Full moon
  • Mercury retrograde
  • Friday 13th

Eesh. I need a tarot card.


It’s the Knight of Disks, from the Mary-el Tarot by Marie White.


Get your head down today, and keep working. Focus on your goals and don’t get distracted.

Righto. Not what you want to hear on a Friday really, but a powerful message for me right now – I have several plates spinning I’m dashing about all over the place. I wouldn’t mind taking a couple down and focusing on just one today.

I wish I had the Mary-el book, Landscapes of the Abyss, with me )I’m at the office, having thrown this deck into my bag today on my way out the door) as I’d love to know Marie White’s take on this card. The Mary-el always has an intriguing spin that is quite unlike ‘traditional’ card meanings. So I’ll work from the image itself.

A young boy sits astride a huge tiger, with ragged jeans and a bare pigeon chest. Behind him, I can see his home, nestled in the hills. No-one is minding him, no-one is checking up on him. He seems calm, quiet, confident himself.

He reminds me of the Page of Pentacles, atop a sleeping dragon, in the Shadowscapes Tarot by Stephanie Piu-Mun Law:


Both are unafraid of the wild beasts they sit astride. Both look straight out of the cards, unflinching. Both cards feature a tangle of tree-roots – the complexity of work and life, but nothing to be afraid of. There is a ‘from the ground up’ feeling here – something about building and growing. About having the humility to start from scratch, to start small, and see something through. About focusing calmly on the task in hand, rather than fluttering about from project to project as I’ve found myself doing this week.

It’s about potential and expectations.

Growth takes time. I opened a tarot shop last month, not really knowing what to expect. Did I think I would sell out of everything on my first day? Of course not! Today, I’m expecting the delivery (at last!) of my long-awaited ‘star product’… The Wild Unknown Tarot. This means it’s time to focus on that marketing strategy I created, to carefully, gradually build up my shop to ensure people out there know where I am and what I have to offer. A business doesn’t make a million overnight. It takes time, energy, focus, hard work. It takes a humble attitude, a willingness to see that the tiny acorn you plant will take root and grow, but only with time, and only with nourishment.

So while the craziness of mercury retrograde and the weird energy of the full moon and the dodgy luck (if you believe in that kind of thing) of Friday the 13th swirls around me, today I’m going to stay at my desk and quietly work on my little shop.

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  1. Ellen says:

    I think starting a business is like raising a child. You have to put so much energy and love in it and gradually it becomes strong and independent. you need to look after it all the time. I wish you lots of luck with you shop. Don’t mind these weird energies. They only have power if you give it to them 😉

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