On friendship – Three of Cups

This is the card of friendship and community, support networks and collective good times.

Here, we traditionally see three women celebrating together. They dance in a circle, holding aloft cups (of homebrew, clearly). They’re happy because they have each other, because they know and understand each other, because they can always rely on each other; their cups runneth over. Friendship is a beautiful thing. Personally I think it’s THE most important thing. For myself, without friends, my life would be meaningless. I can’t find meaning in my life on my own, in nature, in spiritualism. It’s about the sharing of energy, the mutual exchange of warm wishes towards a friend and from them back to you. it’s about sharing space (physical or otherwise) with people who wish only good things for you, who allow you to be the flawed and unique person that you are.


I had a look for interesting cards on the internet, and found that pretty much all showed similar images of three white women in flowing dresses…and then I found this.

Three of Cups, by Tom Blunt of Arcanalogue

It seems to capture just exactly how, for me, friendship should function. Essentially, we are our own individual bubbles, floating around in the breeze of life. But a good friend represents, or in fact shares, a side of yourself and is happy to share parts of that journey with you.

So when I see this card, I feel like I have all I really need in the form of my good, good friends. Support. Community. Light-hearted fun-times. And a glass of wine.

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  1. Chloe says:

    Hi LR,Wow, that is a fabulous take on the 3 of Cups. I’ve seen a few cards where they show three men instead of three women, and one where they show a couple plus a friend, but this is definitely one of the more unique variants around. Let’s hope he finishes this deck some day :)And so, rather late, I raise a glass of wine to you on this fine Friday,Chloë

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