Four of Wands

A card for celebration, for joyful release.

I’ve thought of this card as one for that half-way point, where you’re on the track to success, you’ve worked really hard, and it’s time to stop and celebrate how far you’ve come. Okay – there’s work left to do, and tomorrow is gonna be as tough as the ones that came before. But if we don’t stop and celebrate the achievements so far, we won’t have the strength to face them.

Four of Wands - Gorgs Tarot

Four of Wands, from the Gorgon’s Tarot by Dolores Fitchie

That’s a beautiful thing.

It’s a shared celebration – a party, a drink or three after work, a cigarette and lukewarm tea from the thermos halfway up the mountain.

We work hard, we try hard. We give something all that we’ve got, and it takes more than one wind to get us to the end of it. It’s so important to recognise our strengths and pat ourselves on the back, to take a break, to reward ourselves, to draw breath, even! To give each other encouragement, to look back on the journey so far and laugh at the mistakes and toast the courage and strength that brought us thus far. Tomorrow is another day, and the journey is far from complete, but let’s forget that for tonight, and think only of how fantastic we are for getting this far.

PS The image is by Dolores Fitchie of Gorgs, and can be found on her *amazing* website here. I want to include an extra-strong plug for this blog/site/deck/wonderful woman – go get lost in her bolthole right away xxxx

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