Four elements jewellery

In  January, I needed more earth in my life.

My new(ish) boat was leaking and I was struggling to ‘nest’, much as I wanted to. I felt stressed out by the place that was supposed to be my sanctuary. I felt I was lacking the element of earth, I couldn’t ground myself, couldn’t find strength and magic in my surroundings. I reached for my pentacle necklace and strung it round my neck to help bring more earth energy into my life.

It worked.

The pentacle, as a symbol of earth, grounded me. I spent a long, rainy period crafting on my boat, making mixtapes, sewing, writing, decorating. I made peace with my boat. I nested.

A little later, I lacked motivation for work. I felt a little flat. I knew I was missing the element of fire. But this time I had no necklace or symbol to wear.

Wouldn’t it be amazing, I thought, if I had a pendant for each of the elements, so I could always reach for the one I needed? And then I thought of my clients – so often a tarot reading highlights an elemental imbalance in a person’s life – a little too much water, not enough air and so on. My clients, too, needed something they could reach for in response to their readings – a small symbol to help them move forward.

So my four elements jewellery was born!

Four elements jewellery - all
Four Elements pendants. Left to right: Earth, Fire, Air and Water

Designing the pendants was simple – I’ve long been a fan of the simple, striking triangles of alchemical symbolism and as you can see, I use them in my logo (not only at Little Red Tarot, but also at my web design company, Four Elements).

And my boat neighbour Paul just happens to be a metalworker – I paid him a visit and we set about creating the pendants. It was an interesting process taking longer than I had expected – we made several prototypes before I was happy with the weight of the pendants, the points of the triangles, the overall look and feel of the pieces.

But we got there 🙂

Check out the four elements jewellery here.

four elements jewellery


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