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  1. Great advise Liz and while I intuitively knew most of this, I haven’t been practicing it. It’s like I want to know Tarot immediately, now, and that of course will not happen. The other thing is that I get the feeling of overwhelm because there is so much in a card, the colors, the number, the position of the characters, or the constellations, everything has meaning, and I get this feeling that I will not ever get to know all. thank you for inspiring me to just get started.

  2. Love this! It’s always illuminating to hear about how other people approach tarot.

    When I started out, I was actually really fired up about memorizing 78 meanings, and that’s what propelled me forward. The deeper connection through intuition came later for me. You’re totally right, though, that approach can be a real barrier for some folks. (I make a rough distinction between a “geek” approach or a “mystic” approach; it’s a bit of a false dichotomy because most people use a combination of the two, but I still found it a useful framework: Xanax Script Online)

    Thanks for these great pointers for people who are just coming to tarot. The entire premise of my (public) tarot practice is accessibility and empowerment, so I will definitely be referring to this blogpost when working with beginners!

  3. there are NO rules to using the Tarot. If any person tell you what to do and what not to do, they are attempting to control people and their energies. Do NOT allow this to happen. the Tarot is a wonderful spiritual tool that works FREELY with your energies and reveals all you need to know. You do NOT need any intermediary imposing THEIR fears and experiences onto the cards. The cards have NO prejudices or conditioning. they are simply there for you to learn of your Self and your own path. There is NO human being on earth that knows anything about the Tarot when it applies to each individual. Each person has their OWN journey with the Tarot and it has NOTHING to do with anyone else. Human beings are famous for PROJECTING their own fears and insecurities onto the cards, which is quite irrelevant. Simply TRUST yourself and your OWN path and do NOT listen to ANY human being. They know NOTHING about the Tarot as it applies to each individual.

  4. Really useful piece for a novice like myself and to boot some of those superstitions were nothing me, people saying I shouldn’t let others handle my cards.
    Its nice to hear another insight into the organic flow of learning tarot and building your own home with this process.

    Enjoyable read.

  5. Isabel*bel says:

    Hello Beth! Blessed be! Thank you for writing such a beautiful article. I am new to Tarot and I am so overwhelmed by the amount of things I need to learn in order to read the Tarot. I started to learn it in February 2017. I thought I could see meaning in the cards when I first started to “read” the spreads I came up with (LOL). Then it all changed when I realized that the Tarot is so complex. I stoped doing spreads thinking that I didn’t know what I was doing. That’s the thing I stopped having fun with it. Reading your article Five do’s and don’ts for tarot beginners made me realized that I must enjoy the learning process instead of putting so much pressure on myself. I will study the Arcana , which by the way, seems easier than learning the suits, but I at all times I will have fun with it!

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