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  1. How lovely to be able to pick up your house and change the scenery! Much more helpful than new curtains 😀
    Again, l love the spread you created. I am going to try this out now because My Mojo is hiding out for too long. I keep procrastinating to clear out my “creative”nook so I can not draw or paint . What a lame excuse it that. But it is working 😀

  2. Elisabeth says:

    This spread and your interpretation of your reading are amazing as usual! That is really awesome that you can just move your house! I feel like I need something like that right now too–going to try this spread. Thanks for sharing!

  3. LOL! I threw this spread because I know my divination practice is stuck, or rather I’m stuck in neutral. So what do I get? High Priestess. This is why I love Tarot. 🙂 Crossed with 4 of Cups, which I see as contemplating too many options and not being motivated to “grasp the nettle”, and Page of Cups as the solution – listen to the urgings of my higher self, study-study-study, which in this context means get those cards out and read!

    BTW, I dislike splitting my deck into majors and minors, it feels like I’m disrupting/dissipating the energy, so I shuffled and then thumbed through the cards until I came to the first major, taking the card above it as the block and the card below as the solution.

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