Finding your mojo – a quick tarot spread

I’ve created several tarot spreads for ‘getting out of a rut’:

Somehow, none of these were quite what I needed when I wrote last week about being stuck in a rut. All sorts of interesting things were happning in my life…and yet somehow I wasn’t energised, wasn’t excited. I didn’t actually feel like doing anything. Which is really frickin’ unlike me.

I needed something quick. I needed a kick up the ass.

So I made this little spread and it sorted me right out. The first card is your mojo, hiding somewhere. The second card is what’s getting in the way, blocking your energy. The third card is your RIGHT NOW card – an action you can do right away to begin the unblocking process and get yourself outta that damn rut.

Find your mojo tarot spread:

Find your mojo tarot spread

Firstly, divide your cards into majors and minors. Shuffle the two piles separately.

Draw the first card from your major pile. Then lay cards two and three from the minor pile:

  1. MAJOR: Here’s your mojo, hiding

  2. MINOR: Here’s what’s getting in the way.

  3. MINOR: Here’s your solution. DO THIS NOW!


Here’s mine:

1. Here’s my mojo: The Chariot.

Well yes. Powerful motion. That’s my birth card, that’s my card for this year, that’s absolutely 100% where I wanna be – powering forwards with clarity, focus, speed and determination. There’s a lot I want to achieve this summer – The Chariot is totally my mojo.

2. Here’s what’s getting in the way: Two of Pentacles.

This came up last week when my friend gave me a powerful Thoth reading, underlying everything. I’ve got too much going on, and I’m not juggling well. Instead, I’m retreating. The balancing act in the Two of Pentacles simply isn’t working – the charioteer doesn’t know which way to go.

3. Solition – DO THIS NOW: Six of Swords.

Ha! This made me laugh. I’m gonna take this card completely literally because I actually completely know what I need to do to regain my mojo. Here’s someone being carried across a lake to a new shore? So I’m gonna move my boat. I know so well that the mooring I’m in now is oppressive, depressing and downright gross. I need a change of scene.


And you know what? It worked! It’s a week since the reading and the move, and since that day I’ve found my sense of clarity return. The change of scenery has reinvigorated me, the new sense of space around me at the new spot inspired a little list-making, a little shelving and back-burner placing, and a lot of tick-tick-ticking. Perfect.

Finding your mojo tarot spread

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  1. Ellen says:

    How lovely to be able to pick up your house and change the scenery! Much more helpful than new curtains 😀
    Again, l love the spread you created. I am going to try this out now because My Mojo is hiding out for too long. I keep procrastinating to clear out my “creative”nook so I can not draw or paint . What a lame excuse it that. But it is working 😀

  2. Elisabeth says:

    This spread and your interpretation of your reading are amazing as usual! That is really awesome that you can just move your house! I feel like I need something like that right now too–going to try this spread. Thanks for sharing!

  3. jmk says:

    LOL! I threw this spread because I know my divination practice is stuck, or rather I’m stuck in neutral. So what do I get? High Priestess. This is why I love Tarot. 🙂 Crossed with 4 of Cups, which I see as contemplating too many options and not being motivated to “grasp the nettle”, and Page of Cups as the solution – listen to the urgings of my higher self, study-study-study, which in this context means get those cards out and read!

    BTW, I dislike splitting my deck into majors and minors, it feels like I’m disrupting/dissipating the energy, so I shuffled and then thumbed through the cards until I came to the first major, taking the card above it as the block and the card below as the solution.

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