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  1. Buying Xanax says:

    I had never thought about swords overall as a suit of sorrow because my deck (unfortunately) uses a hella pastel/cheery colors palette– with the exception of 3 and 9, of course.
    10 of swords always struck me as bittersweet, I normally read it as things coming to an end that have needed to come to an end. Things ending is hard, but when they end you can move on to new things; also knowing that something is coming to an end shouldn’t stop you from doing it, just encourage you to enjoy it while it’s in your life (esp true for relationships, because it’s been coming up in a number of my friends’ readings recently!)

    • Wow, I like this interpretation of the Ten, Celia. I kinda see the Eight of Cups like this, though it really fits with the Ten of Swords too – especially for relationships! I would worry that the breakup might be super dramatic though… 😉

      Which deck do you use?

      • Buying Xanax says:

        One of my best friends got this card in a reading recently and I wouldn’t be surprised if it were super dramatic! She’s one of those people that is super calm and chill but seems to attract drama-filled relationships like flies to honey hah

        Currently I’m using lo Scarabeo; I found it years ago and loved it, then hated it, then was ambivalent about it… I’m reacquainting myself with the deck (with the help of your tarot course!!), and definitely feeling that it’s time to move on. I do like the illustrations for the ten of swords in the deck, though 🙂

  2. Rebecca says:

    Thanks for posting this today! My question for the cards this morning was “How can I invite more joy into my life?” Three of Swords. I mean…really? The approach I took to that card, based on its imagery in my deck, was that the sorrow of Three of Swords was all in my mind. In the Sun and Moon deck, the RWS symbol is a heart made of cloud pierced by the swords, connected by thought bubbles to a pensive, disappointed woman. So the pain is more ephemeral in that image.

    • Oooh, I like this interpretation Rebecca… it’s really helpful to look at where the ‘heart’ of the Three and the ‘mind’ of the swords intersect, and what that means. Taking your idea further, it’s kinda like the heart is stronger than the mind, you know? It keeps beating and carrying on, even when in your head it feels so broken.

  3. Caitlin says:

    I am loving your Can You Buy Xanax Vietnam And have been doing a daily card draw to center myself for the day ahead, and learn more about the tarot. This was a very timely post for me as I drew the Two of Swords this morning.

    As a new reader, I find it easy to say, “Oh no, the meaning of this card is too bleak and severe. I don’t think this relates to my life.” And to not take away anything meaningful, when there can be some positivity to, in this case, turn inward and reflect without external pressure before making a decision or acting.

    Thank you for sharing your interpretation!

    • Oh my gosh Caitlin, I totally used to turn away from ‘bad’ cards when I started with tarot, as if I could pick and choose! I think a really big part of learning tarot is embracing how it prods you to understand your life (sometimes) more objectively, and to understand and celebrate the good and easy AND the difficult energies together.

      The Two of Swords is an interesting one. I used to feel that it was a flat-out denial card, but after spending some time with Dolores Fitchie’s version, I can see a much kinder side to it now:

      Xanax Doctors Online

  4. As someone prone to anxiety and overthinking, the Swords are the suit I “get” (in the sense of understanding) most easily of all. In fact, the first time a card clicked for me was when I examined the Two of Swords in light of the basic elements as you explained on Autostraddle–a woman turning her back on her emotions in favor of trying to solve things with intellectualizing alone? Hey, where’d you get this picture of me?! That shock of recognition actually catapulted them into the position of my favorite suit.

    That said, I just got my first physical deck, the Chrysalis Tarot, and it renames the Swords to Scrolls. And… I don’t like that. It keeps the idea of making thoughts discrete and definable–by implying that they can be written down–but neuters the imagery of pain that comes along with it. On the whole, in fact, I’m finding the deck to be softer (and, I admit it, more New Age-y) than I’m prepared to deal with, and I’m struggling with it a bit. But I only got it two days ago, so hopefully I’ll get the hang of it…

  5. Hi Beth,
    Thank you for your take on the various Swords in the deck. I’m just coming back to renew my connection with tarot, having spent a lot of time away from it in the past few years. I’ve returned to my favourite deck ever – the Mythic Tarot, which I know there are a gazillion copies of everywhere but I just love. I’ve always had a strong connection with the Greco-Roman pantheons and I guess this is why it calls to me so strongly.

    I’ve always felt a physical intake of air and a slight shock when swords have shown up in my readings and then had to purposefully breathe deeply and sit with the feelings before being able to interpret them at all. I’m hoping now with (even more) maturity under the bridge I’ll be able to look at them without that initial GASP! I’m still getting reacquainted with my cards so am loathe to comment on any particular card at present, but wanted to say thank you for the message about swords being helpful for finding a way to move forward.

  6. Clarity and consciousness, I LOVE this article and you’re interpretations.

    My natal astrological chart is weak in the air element, strong with water, earth and fire.

    Until today I’ve had a deeper-darker connection with this suit. So, thank you… you’ve brought light into my world!

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