Feel the love – Three of Bottles

I’m tired, sunburned, hungover, and very happy.

I’ve just got back from my dear friend’s hen weekend and feel like my well has been well and truly filled. Twelve of us in a field by the sea, some tents, some drinks, a ridiculous amount of food. A rock ‘n’ roll dance, a few trips to the beach. It might not sound like a huge big deal, but for me it really was.

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As regular readers may have noticed, I’ve been feeling kinda introverted for some time. Not so much in a healthy, introspective ‘I’m just having me some quiet time’ way, but in a ‘I’ve lost my mojo and suddenly don’t know how to do social situations’ kinda way. Which is really not much fun. I won’t ramble on about my astrology readings here, except to quickly say a lot of this has been beautifully articulated for me by Eric Francis at Planet Waves. Yes – I’ve felt uncomfortable lately. Yes, I’ve been frustrated by the people around me and felt disconnected, unable to feel that usual ease and relax in the company of my friends.

But I’ve felt myself moving out of that phase over the past month, with this hen party being the most visible turning point. I was the organiser – and I was worried I would be stressy and on-edge the whole time. Instead, I had the best fun I’ve had for a long time.

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It was like rediscovering the Three of Cups. For months I’ve been saying to Emma – ‘I just need to go to the pub with a bunch of mates!!’…and yet never quite managing it. Making dates…then flaking. Seeing friends in the street and enthusing that we must catch up over drinks soon…but never making the call.

The Three of Cups (or bottles, as it is in the Collective Tarot, shown below) reminds us of the value of friendship, of partying or kicking back with the people we care about, of celebrating, of joy, of community spirit. Introspection is important, and everyone needs quiet time sometimes. But I felt like I’d gone too far in that direction and it wasn’t doing me any good at all. The Three of Cups shows me the value of talking honestly with friends, of being free to be yourself and yes, of dancing like lunatics in front of bewildered locals at the village dance, of running round town in search of daft treasures on a scavenger hunt, of weeing in a takeaway cup, of posing on cliffs and of loving your dearest friend and loving her friends too.

I also love that it comes after the Two of Cups – as if reminding us that romantic love is great, but not to fall into that ‘couplehood’ trap of stopping seeing your mates – the perfect message for a hen party!

The Three of Bottles, from the Collective Tarot
The Three of Bottles, from the Collective Tarot

The Three of Bottles, from the Collective Tarot

Although there was a bit too much booze and not nearly enough sleep, way too much sun and not a whole lot of vegetables, and I’m sunburned, dazed and tired, I was rejuvenated by a weekend in the company of friends. The Three of Cups/Bottles is more than just the ‘party’ card – it’s about the healing and nurturing energy we get from spending time with our friends. I can’t keep my well topped up alone, but with hugs and love and dancing and talking with wonderful people like these, I can actually feel it overflowing.

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  1. chloetarot says:

    Beautiful! That feeling of being connected is so important. And I love what you say about why the three comes right after the two 😉

  2. Little Red says:

    Yeah – we’re all familiar with that scenario where a friend gets with someone and then forgets all their friends, eh! xx

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