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  1. Kate says:

    Just wanted to share Yarrow Magdalena’s “Daydreaming Wolves’ podcast, along with her Magic of Embodiment that is currently going on through their patreon at all pledge levels. I love Yarrow’s work and what’s offered up is truly insightful and nourishing.

  2. Ryn Silverstein says:

    Seconding Beth’s recommendation of Worts + Cunning!
    I wrote a post here last year on grounding and creativity (Alprazolam Buy Canada) and these days I’m sending out a newsletter on the new and full moons where I talk about spiritual creativity, working with liminality and shadow to create patterns in your life that serve you well, and Hebrew Priestessing, from my perspective as a queer Jewish femme. Buy Alprazolam Online Legally and Instagram @batpriestess

  3. OH MY GOD I LOVE THIS LIST. I can’t wait to dive into all of these recommendations – many of which I wasn’t aware of. A couple of witchy things I’d add:

    The Queer Witch Podcast (Xanax Order Overnight)
    It isn’t perfect and it feels like Anna Joy is still finding her feet, but it’s unquestionably going to tick a lot of boxes for people who engage with Little Red Tarot.

    New World Witchery (Cheap Xanax Bars)
    Maybe not entirely related, but still one of my favourite podcasts of all time. I particularly like the focus on folk practices (something very important to my own magical practice), but more importantly – Cory and Laine are hyper conscious of boundaries around closed practices, and are great about bringing smart folk to talk about practices and cultures that sit outside of their lived experience rather than pretending to have all the answers or blundering over clear cultural boundaries. Episode 109 – African American Hoodoo with Yvonne Chireau and Episode 128 – Borderlands Lore with David Bowles are personal favourites and well worth a listen.

    The Hedge School (Buy Discount Xanax Online)
    Again, it’s not perfect and Dr Sharon Blackie can sometimes wander dangerously close towards fetishising people of colour – though in fairness I don’t think she ever entirely crosses that line. What I do like about the project is how she’s advocating for the rich spiritual and mystic traditions of white western folk, in part as a way of counteracting cultural appropriation. However, I’d love to hear from other folk if they feel she’s missing the mark – like I said, it dances dangerously close to the line.

    The Fat Feminist Witch Podcast
    Can You Order Xanax Off The Internet
    Does what it says on the tin! Personally, I enjoy the interviews a little more than episodes with just Paige – I enjoy a multiplicity of voices – but it’s still a solid podcast with a really likable host.

    • sisu says:

      hey, don’t know about the hedgeschool, but ‘new world’ is a pretty hardcore colonialist term… who was this world new to?

  4. So excited about this thread! I always need more blogs and podcasts. Some current favorites (some of these have been mentioned already so just boosting those votes) Podcasts: The Fat Feminist Witch Podcast Can You Order Xanax Off The Internet (The host Paige has a blog on her website too), The Queer Witch Podcast Xanax Order Overnight, The Witch Wave Best Site To Order Xanax Online, Dream Freedom Beauty has some great interviews Order Green Xanax Bars Online, New World Witchery podcast & blog Cheap Xanax Bars, Spirits Podcast for folklore and mythology Bluelight Xanax Online, and it’s not strictly tarot related, but there is a lot of intersectional QTPOC magic happening at How To Survive The End Of The World Podcast Xanax Order Online - Canada . As for blogs, I love Benebell Wen’s work Buy Pakistani Xanax, Siobhan’s radical tarot Alprazolam Online Reviews, and Chani Nicholas’s astrology Best Online Xanax Forum. I hope it’s okay to mention our own blogs too. I run Xanax Australia Buy, I’m a nonbinary, queer spoonie, and I’d love to do more interviews with witchy queer authors and makers so please don’t be a stranger if that’s you!

  5. Laurie says:

    First of all, thank you Beth for sharing that email from Emily, who expresses so well many of the things I’m feeling about LRT, even though I only discovered it a short time ago. And thank you for this opportunity to share sites and blogs and podcasts…I can’t wait to dig into this list over the weekend!

    My other favorite Tarot resource is Xanax Medication Online Carrie has wonderful, insightful blog posts about every single card in the Wild Unknown deck, and as I work to learn the cards as a newbie Tarot student, I have found such depth and resonance with her interpretations. Just this morning I turned over the Tower as my daily draw card, and Carrie’s words about it helped me think about it in all kinds of ways besides “Oh, ye gods!! Not the Tower!!” 😉 She really has a talent for pulling out thoughtful and useful (and unusual) insights about every card in the deck.

    My favorite podcast for spirituality is The RobCast, by Rob Bell…I have been a thirsty spiritual seeker all my life, and Rob is a guy who really gets it, no matter what your tradition (or lack thereof). He always makes me think about things sideways when it comes to the divine, and life in general.

    Blessings to all!

  6. Daphne says:

    Bespoken Bones – has been like a light I didn’t know was missing…. Pavini’s wording around ancestors as a queer person….is always exactly what I need to hear. It’s a beautiful podcast – Xanax Order Uk

  7. I’m mostly just yelling “Second! Second!” to above recommendations, and I don’t think anything I’m really into has been missed. I LOVE the Firebrand Witch but I believe they’re pausing their stuff for a little while.

    I’ll also humbly submit my own YouTube channel to the pile. I’m a white non-binary queer tarot reader with disabilities, and I have various tarot content such as deck reviews and talking through different card combinations in addition to other anti-capitalist, anti-racist spiritual stuff. All of my content is from an intersectional lens, and I’d love to see some LRT folks in the comments! Buy Xanax Dubai

    • Hey Elizabeth!

      Marianne of Two Sides Tarot is based in Sydney: Xanax Mexico Online

      Also, Marianne recommended the book Can You Buy Xanax In Bali to me a while back. It helps the reader to define their own wheel of the year, seasonal celebrations etc, rooted in the land on which they stand, the landmarks, objects, beings, symbols immediately available, and talks a lot about transposing pagan celebrations to the Southern Hemisphere.

  8. More astrology sites I love:

    Flax and Gold Astrology is Corina Dross and her Astrology 101 course is the perfect fully queer’d and decolonised intro to astrology: Alprazolam Rx Online
    Obsidian Moon Astrology: Xanax Bars 2Mg Buy for a really accessible blog about astrology’s ‘main events’ and cool seasonal workbooks.
    Alice Sparkly Kat: Alprazolam Online Shopping for really clever digging into the details – a great resource for switched-on astrology students.

  9. Ali says:

    Seconding a lot that was mentioned already.
    I really enjoy Kimberly’s content on
    Discount Alprazolam Online
    It’s not queer but really helpful to me still.
    And Kim has a youtube channel with loads of amazing videos and playlists as well
    Buying Xanax Online Bluelight
    Don’t know if anyone mentioned Kelly Ann Maddox’s youtube channel yet?
    Alprazolam Buy Online Australia
    I haven’t watched many videos yet, but I heard loads of good stuff about from others…

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