Fat Tarot | The witchy fat body: Cycles

Observing the moon cycle
Taking notes
Growing awareness
Learning to look for signs and rhythms
Even in a city
Brewing beverages like potions
From plants I walked past so many times
Before I realised how potent they were

At first, I referred to the moon
In my rituals and tarot readings
Merely because it was convenient
An easy lighthouse to guide my practice
I didn’t feel its influence though

And I was infuriated by the flourishing offers
Workshops, expensive boxes, decks
Assimilating the moon with the womb
And ‘woman’ with ‘nature’
Why would the moon
Hold a feminine essence
Binary and cissexist
And a sort of destiny
Obnoxious to all social constructions
Among which gender roles and medical norms

Despite my resistance
I had dates
With the moon
I learned to meet it
Look for it
Bathe in its light

My menstruation cycle changed
No regular cycles before
From 5 to 6 weeks most of the time
Something switched
And we synchronised
The moon and I

The PMS is lighter now
I can predict its end
It matches the waning moon
Each New Moon is a releasing of energy
Sadness turning into a creative power
As I bleed
I welcome fresh ideas
And an urge to manifest

It is not because I have a womb
I don’t want kids
I am a fem(me) much more than a woman
But the moon and I, we click
A lesson the Moon shares
Like the Death card

Several cycles pulsing at the same time
A general openness
There’s some healing in that
Whereas years of dissociation
And struggles
Estranged me from my body
Being a witchy queer
A feminist tarot reader
Makes everything more harmonious

Images via: Alice Impellizzeri
Decks featured: Next World Tarot, Vessel Oracle

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