Fat Tarot | The witchy fat body: Cycles

Observing the moon cycle
Taking notes
Growing awareness
Learning to look for signs and rhythms
Even in a city
Brewing beverages like potions
From plants I walked past so many times
Before I realised how potent they were

At first, I referred to the moon
In my rituals and tarot readings
Merely because it was convenient
An easy lighthouse to guide my practice
I didn’t feel its influence though

And I was infuriated by the flourishing offers
Workshops, expensive boxes, decks
Assimilating the moon with the womb
And ‘woman’ with ‘nature’
Why would the moon
Hold a feminine essence
Binary and cissexist
And a sort of destiny
Obnoxious to all social constructions
Among which gender roles and medical norms

Despite my resistance
I had dates
With the moon
I learned to meet it
Look for it
Bathe in its light

My menstruation cycle changed
No regular cycles before
From 5 to 6 weeks most of the time
Something switched
And we synchronised
The moon and I

The PMS is lighter now
I can predict its end
It matches the waning moon
Each New Moon is a releasing of energy
Sadness turning into a creative power
As I bleed
I welcome fresh ideas
And an urge to manifest

It is not because I have a womb
I don’t want kids
I am a fem(me) much more than a woman
But the moon and I, we click
A lesson the Moon shares
Like the Death card

Several cycles pulsing at the same time
A general openness
There’s some healing in that
Whereas years of dissociation
And struggles
Estranged me from my body
Being a witchy queer
A feminist tarot reader
Makes everything more harmonious

Images via: Alice Impellizzeri
Decks featured: Next World Tarot, Vessel Oracle

Cathou is a queer and feminist activist and artivist who lives in Brussels, Belgium. She develops a queer tarot perspective in French on cathoutarot.blog and holds a blog on fat liberation and fighting fatphobia at grossefem.tumblr.com. Her Fat Tarot series combines those two topics, as an invitation to understand and resist bodily norms in tarot. You can also find Cathou on Instagram @cathoutarot.


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