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  2. Razinthia says:

    This is such a thoughtful perspective on a card that has felt very final to me in the past. In my personal readings it’s come up a few times when I’ve been in difficult emotional situations, but it’s felt inappropriate to let go and detach, and meditating on “what is” and what exists beyond the emotional pain seems like a more empowering, less rigid way to work with the 8 of Cups.

    I found myself thinking about attachment and the way that self-proclaimed spiritual leaders use “you’re too attached to _______” as a way to wield power, setting themselves up as better or more enlightened than whoever they’re talking to

    • Siobhan says:

      Yeaaaa. I can relate to this bit about “you’re too attached.” Walking away, if forced can be a lot like reaching out for something. In the avoidance, we form a bond that gets harder to break each time we avoid. In the reaching, we fortify a sense of lack, making it harder to feel like we have.

  3. This is one of my favorite articles I’ve read here, and is one of my favorite personal topics. I went to a talk by Adyashanti this weekend and it was on the Divine Individual. There is a misconception about enlightenment that has people thinking that to wake up to the nature of reality is to no longer experience pain or confusion or grief, etc. But the reality is that even if we do wake up to our true nature as connected to all things, ultimate reality, we are still manifest as human beings, and pain, grief, etc. is worked into our design. We don’t have to suffer mentally anymore because we confuse ourselves with our mind or our identity, but life still happens and part of that beauty is, as you say, feeling it deeply, seeing it as ALL us, and being able to skillfully intuit when to be with it, when to let go, when to dig in, etc. Thank you for this and for the work you do. It made a difference for me today and reminded me of the gift of our humanity within the gift of our divinity. Much love to you…

    • *grins
      Jason, thank you for your feedback. It’s a catch 22 that tarot as a “spiritual” practice is coming into wide use even as it is so much younger than other spiritual practices. New Age spirituality means dissemination of ancient practices but not necessarily the full integration of such. I sometimes find what sounds “spiritual” is missing context and nuance and, sometimes does a disservice.

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