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  1. Xanax Buying says:

    Oh Leonie…
    I recently discovered bullet journalling as well, and wondered how I could integrate it with her system, such as it is. I’ve still not figured it out. Journalling, for me, comes in fits and starts.

    I hear you on the large-scale change, and on the multitude of tiny pieces that it takes to get there. It reminds me of how a journey of miles begins with single steps.

  2. rachelc says:

    I can totally relate to this. I recently started journaling, not exactly bullet journaling, but that provided a lot of inspiration as I started to track daily habits, food, and my mental health. It has helped me develop my morning routine and I’ve been incorporating my tarot practice into it as well. I love your perspective on how The Devil card can be useful here. I just recently did a reading for myself and was unsure how The Devil card I pulled as “the lesson” fit in. I love this interpretation you’ve written here, it’s very helpful!

  3. Well done, Siobhan! This was a wonderful read and you caught my attention with a card from my favorite deck. Journal Julie that I am, I freely confess that the leather journals caught my attention, as well. Thank you for sharing your inspiration and insight.

  4. Paypal Xanax says:

    I recently pulled the devil reversed with the tower (in a small but important spread) & have been looking for insight into that reading. This was enormously helpful to me:

    “It isn’t an earthquake taking the tower down. It’s a prisoner picking at bricks until the light gets in. It’s seeing light through the cracks for months and continuing to dig. It’s smelling freedom. Until one day there aren’t enough bricks to keep you anymore. The Devil card is the feeling of power when you notice you are free to choose.”

    Thank you for the insight <3

  5. Karalyn Grimes says:

    This post spoke to me on a profound level. The Devil is my birth card and I have spent the last few months feeling out what it means to me and how it operates in my life. I too am an obsessive journaler + planner with countless notebooks filled with life recipes, and I too am navigating lack of feeling powerful and able but with bursts of these moments. I do not have it all sorted out in the least–but this article gave me a restored hope, thank you!

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