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  1. Thank you for that! My trumpet was also the sounds of fear and pain from immigrant school kids who were terrified of being deported. Also, my best friend who is Native and Mexican. The increasing violence against Latin/x on the coast. But our coastal votes count less. How are we to win?

    The card I drew was promising–the Ace of Pentacles.

    • Thank you for sharing, especially the card pull. I hear Ace of Pentacles and think of the fear/shock that gets us back in our bodies, back to the practical. Growing food and building our bodies. The strength that comes from preparing to weather whatever storm. This whole thing has been very enlightening for me. I’m learning about the perspectives/experiences of Jewish survivors in a way I have not previously. I’m hearing that the mood in the country is in ways similar to what it was like when Dr. King died. There’s more compassion to be gleaned from all this than I could have guessed. And while I wouldn’t wish any of this on anyone, I am happy to see so many people waking up to one another.

      • Thank you for that. I really feel that. The pressure is just intolerable. With the unleashed racism, xenophobia and violence against LGBTQ and, dear god, Standing Rock.

        I imagine this is the kind of fear and uncertainty that happened around Dr. King’s murder. Especially the fear that the state went and now has gone off the rails.

        I hear you saying it is time to home ourselves in our bodies and regroup–for action, for what comes next and to be strong in the storm of fear and uncertainty.

        Thanks for this post and your comment!

  2. Buying Xanax says:

    On the night of the election, I did a tarot reading and the very first card was Judgement. Yes to all the things you have said here. Yes, to that continual waking up we must do if we are to create our world.

  3. Xanax Buying says:

    Yep, I needed this.
    “Judgment asks us to fly in the face of this very human condition of separateness. It asks us to make of ourselves instruments of higher power and be shaken with the vibrations of revelation. It asks that we hear our higher calling and wake up and wake up again.”
    Every time I think I’m awake, every time I think I’m aware, something happens that just shakes me up. It’s not the most pleasant, in fact, it’s usually downright horrific. But this gives me hope. All of this, gives me so much hope.

  4. Paypal Xanax says:

    What an incredible post, Siobhan! I love your emphasis on how we are asked to wake up again and again.

    “…The Judgement card heralds a cycle of sleeping consciousness, its awakening, and resistance to the revelation. Nothing is static. No one arrives and stays woke forever to all things. No one sleeps forever. At least not without a ton of grief. We regularly face opportunities to awaken or resist reality again and again. The direction we move in the cycle depends on our willingness to wake up or our commitment to bury our heads in the sand.”


    When we look at the process of waking up to injustice, privilege, oppression, and its tangledness through the lens of tarot, we realize that the narrative of the cards change, but those big themes return again and again. It’s not like we pull the Judgement card once and then it up and dissolves because we’ve done all the waking up that we need to do. Or the Tower card appears and then walks off the table and we think “phew, glad I won’t have to go through that again.” I’ll admit that I found the Judgement card to be one of the most difficult to understand in readings for a long time (and I’m so glad that I have your post to share with others who are struggling, too). When the card began to speak to me was when I realized that it heralded an opportunity, like you’ve so eloquently written, to wake up to something which needs to be known. And the great gift of Judgement is not so much in the waking up (which is a gift, but one that can be hard), but in the promise that we *can* wake up again and again. It’s the persistent alarm clock of the tarot deck.

    I can’t wait to read your epic book on tarot, Siobhan. 🙂

    • This card was literally the last card for me to figure out. I used to just look at it and think “oh well, who knows what THAT means.” This past year had some of the most auditory revelations for me yet and interpreting this sound layer throughout the cards really sealed the deal in my understanding of this card. “It’s the persistent alarm clock of the tarot deck.” I *LOVE* this.

  5. jendireiter says:

    Great post. It helps me accept my constant back-and-forth between activism and self-care retreat. Our bodies and minds literally cannot be awake 24/7. Rest and even a little bit of denial may be part of the cycle of recharging to face difficult truths. My daily card draw was the Hermit so I know where I am in that cycle today!

    What decks are depicted in the photo? The one on the left reminds me of children’s book illustrations from the 1970s.

  6. “Rest and even a little bit of denial may be part of the cycle of recharging to face difficult truths.” This. Absolutely! And keeping this in mind allows for compassion for self and others. Thank you for asking about the deck! It alerted me that I accidentally listed the wrong deck! That deck on the left is the Morgan Greer Tarot [US Games 1979].

  7. olliv says:

    I come from a place of much former social action and little current. I just started with the Tarot, and judgement was my third daily card (first was the Devil, then the Moon – which is strange because I’ve been pulling from the entire deck, not just the major arcana). Your interpretation of judgement fits nicely. I’ve been asleep lately – fallen into the comfort of the everyday while ignoring the call for a greater purpose on a social level and burying it deeper within to the extent where I feel little, constantly overwhelmed to look inwardly. Today’s judgement and your interpretation serves as a good reminder to wake up once again, that being awake is not only about my political or philosophical alignment, not about the things I believe, but the things that I do. It’s the doing that has been missing. Thank you and the cards for the reminder!

    • “that being awake is not only about my political or philosophical alignment, not about the things I believe, but the things that I do. It’s the doing that has been missing.”
      So much this!

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