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  1. Bettina says:

    Such a courageous step and decision, even if it breaks my heart, to lose your voice which has been such a strong companion over the years.

    Many blessings for your future and everything you will birth into this world. We need your voice, we need your presence.

    Thank you. For every shard of truth and every pushed limit, every tear and every waking night to make it all work. Thank you.

    Thank you.

    Thank you.

  2. Hi Beth,
    Wow! I feel a little sad, as is normal for any loss. But also, a lot proud of you and inspired by your commitment to integrity. I believe strongly that life moves in cycles, and that letting go is a necessary part of that. And I know from experience the joy that comes from making that spaciousness in ones life for whatever comes next. So excited for you too. LRT and “bits and bobs” is one of the few emails I feel excited about receiving, saving for later and spending a Sunday afternoon going through it’s links. I came here to learn about tarot; which I did, but also a LOT more than that – privilege, race, activism, systemic oppression. I feel truly blessed by this site, for opening up a new space and awareness within me, for linking what happens “out there” with what is happening “in here.” Thank you for modelling that!

    • Thank you Hiranya. (Especially grateful that you took the time to comment while on your giant journey!) Yes to everything you share here about cycles. A friend of mine offered me the phrase ‘contract to expand’, which feels very fitting. I really do feel that this is part of a natural cycle. So happy to learn that LRT has played a role in your own spiritual journey 😀

      As for the emails, ack, I love writing and sending them. I’m already certain there will be some new iteration of Bits & Bobs coming out of all of this 😉

  3. Aloysius says:

    Will any ongoing columns be continuing elsewhere? Specifically I like looking to Queering the Tarot to help with my reading, it has greatly increased my understanding of the Tarot. Will Cassandra be able and willing to finish it elsewhere? (I’d love if it became a book tbh.) I do understand if it needs to end in October tho.
    Anyway, I’m really thankful to you all for sharing these resources. This blog was just what I needed when I started reading. Good luck with your next endeavors!

  4. Angharad says:

    Wow! This is bold and exciting and bittersweet and beautiful, and I wish you all the best <3
    I am so grateful for the space you created here & held with Tango, and everything shared within it. When I first started reading (not so long ago, just under 2 years) it was a breath of lifesaving air for someone drowning in disconnection. You (all) showed me ways to connect with my new hometown, my intuition, and my tender radical witchy heart, always with hope and love, and without shame.
    I can’t wait to see what evolves from this space!
    And – since it’s payday – I’m going to finally treat myself to some goodies from your shop 🙂

    • Angharad, I am so grateful that this blog helped us connect 🙂 Truly, the thing I’m grateful for more than anything else has been the connections that I’ve made through LRT. I’m looking forward to having more time and energy to nourish them. (Case in point – replying to your lovely email!)

  5. I sing to your courage in taking this bold step. Thank you for the gift you have given us in holding this space. Thank you that all this conversation and discussion will stay available in some form. And a huge thank you for sharing about your journey with your business – you are an encouragement & inspiration to me as I step up into my own work. I look forward to seeing where your journey takes you.

  6. Amerasuu says:

    Thank you for your work. Thank you for amplifying so many voices and causes. Your newsletters are one of the few I actually read, so I’m glad to hear they will be continuing in some form. Much love.

  7. Merlin says:

    I’ll be so sad to see this blog go as it has been one of my favourite tarot spaces in the last 3-4 years, but I admire your decision to turn over a new leaf and do something different. Know that you’ve done something really good with this site. I want to thank Maranda, Asali and Siobhan in particular for their amazing columns that I’ve enjoyed so much. Good luck to you Beth, and all the others who have written on this blog, with any and all future endeavors <3

  8. gabriel says:

    tbh if i hadn’t read this carefully i would have assumed you were stepping back from blogging personally but from my perspective it seems like you’ve basically ‘fired’ the columnists you brought in as well? like the tone just sits weirdly to me as i’m worrying about the columnists tbh and hoping they’re ok.
    i’m looking forward to the pieces on the process of being accountable to that, like it would genuinely be useful to have examples of how something like this would be worked out in a way that recognises the efforts of more marginalised voices which at the end of the day have helped boost the value of your business.

    • Thanks Gabriel. Yes, I’ll share more going forwards about how it’s all worked in recent years. I’m super aware that everyone who has shared here has benefitted both me personally (that’s what I mean by ‘social capital’) and my shop too. I’d love to offer some transparency about how money flows in LRT, and I want to talk more about business and privilege before wrapping up.

      To be clear, I haven’t fired anyone – all writers here are freelance and have had over two months’ notice about LRT ending. I’m currently in conversation with all team writers and available to hear and talk through any concerns, and I’m also considering what additional benefits I or LRT can offer each writer as we wind things down.

  9. Sonja Arvind says:

    Dear Beth,
    I have only recently discovered your blog and site. I really fell in love with your approach. And I am sure in whatever way you continue your work, I will follow along and keep being inspired, as I was again when reading this ‘goodbye’ post.
    For me, it makes nothing but total sense, I can more than relate to your process this year and also the last 3 years and 4 months, It seems like I see those cycles in my life, too. I can just say, wow, bravo, rock on, stay on your path of becoming even more who you are, because that´s what we´re here for and that´s what the world needs, I am very excited to read more from you in the future and maybe even connect and discuss and whatever happens. I strongly feel this urge to change certain things in my life right now, too, and I wish you all the energy, luck, guidance, coincidances and committment necessary to rearrange until you feel home again.
    Sending love and a big thank you!

  10. Indigo says:

    Beth. Thanks so much for sharing this. I actually gave (ten months) notice at my job this week, without knowing what comes next yet. It is the most amazing feeling to step away from something that has constrained me so much – and part of how it has constrained me is that I received so much benefit from the job! So, it’s lovely to read about you taking this big step and figuring it out as you go – like you stepped up to keep me company.
    So much gratitude for LRT and yes, it’s your life and you are doing the most responsible thing by bringing the blog to an end.

  11. Camillareads says:

    I’ve enjoyed and been enriched by your blog as so many have. However, my first thought is this: Beth, do what you must do. No justifications needed. As long as you’ve worked out your path within yourself, we’re good. No naysayers need worry, just give/receive good wishes.
    Many blessings!

  12. Dear Beth,
    When I read that Little Red Tarot, the blog, will cease to exist, it made my eyes prickle and my heart heavy.
    I connected with you and the wonderful people of this community when I wrote a guest post a year back. But since then LRT has taught me a lot more.
    It taught me about being an unapologetic witch.
    It taught me about moon magic and looking at the Tarot with gender-neutral eyes.
    It taught me about runes, plants, and pain.
    But the biggest lesson I learnt was opening my mind and understanding people who were not like me (the LGBTQ community). And then realizing that they were absolutely like me. It was just my perception and ignorance that had created the “other” for so many years.
    So yes, I am sad that the blog is going the coffee table route, but I am also inspired that you are doing what feels right in your heart and making space for your true self to stand strong on its own. I wish you the best for your new hero’s journey.
    Lots of love,

  13. You are a powerhouse and I cannot wait to see what you do next. Incredibly grateful for your existence in this world (and on the interwebs), and for being able to glean inspiration from your writing and sharing. Big loves to you, Beth!! Xo

    • JEN! I think yours was the first ‘OMG look someone has made a DIY tarot deck OMG!!!’ post I ever shared, and I really remember receiving your deck and excitedly photographing it for the blog (I was living on my boat at the time and so remember light reflecting off the water was screwing up my photos!!)

      Thanks for being part of it all and for being there as I awoke to the idea that there was a community among all of this internet stuff when I had no idea what I was doing. I’m so grateful to you! xxx

      • Your reply made me cry!! I have to remind myself this isn’t really the end of anything, just the beginning of more big things for you!!! Also I know Michigan does not quite have the same beckoning call as California, but if you ever have a chance/reason to visit, let me know! We live on 27 acres now and are planning to start an artist residency…. hint hint hint…. Someday I will come see you in one of your georgious windswept English locales. Xoxoxo!!

  14. Alana says:

    Beth, I have been a silent follower, and I want to take this opportunity to express my deep gratitude for all that you have offered over the years, but most especially your transparency about the things that were challenging and confusing for you. I feel sad to lose the blog, which has been a touchstone for me, but this last post is the one that most makes my heart sing for you as a person (and for me too, because it’s the clearest moment I’ve had of recognizing a role model for how I want to approach my life, and I’ve had precious few people throughout my life whom I’ve wanted to emulate at all).

    What would help with the loss part is knowing there will be a way to find out what you do next, if it turns out to be something public. That’s something I’ll be super excited to find out about, even if it’s many years down the road!

    Thank you for everything, especially for being true to yourself.

    Much love,

  15. That s life, my dear. Continuous changing, evolving, creating and letting go and letting be ourselves in every moment of our lives… We are used to look for stable things. It’s ok as long as we internally need it. But it has been an educational training to look for it and avoid internal knowledge and non -expectable changes. So: Congrats for being so brave to follow your own path, to be and express yourself from your deepest YOU, and for sharing your journey with us. Thanks too for having opened this charming pace, LRT, where we (at least, I), have enjoyed a lot learning and speaking about tarot, magic, psichologies and life itself ????? Good vibes for your new projects ??

  16. I also quite sad… it does feel like the end of an era, as I’ve been following you pretty much since the very beginning. The LRT blog was one of the best resources I’d found when I started out on my own love affair with tarot, and it has become one of my favourite internet reads of any genre. The writing, the stories, the ideas, the resources all have been incredibly enriching. I want to send out a huge heartfelt thank you to everyone who has contributed: you’ve had such an impact over the years. You have inspired me, comforted me, challenged me. As a white, hetero, cisgendered woman who lives in a place where there is incredibly little diversity and where people are still afraid to claim any part of their identities that doesn’t conform to “the norm”, you’ve all been a beacon to me, and inspired me to stand up and speak up against mysogyny, ableism, homophobia and all the subtle discriminations that come up in places like this on a daily basis. Beth, I feel super excited to see what you’ll do next. Your posts have always resonated so strongly – the business as garden concept has been invaluable to me! I’m so grateful to you for the generosity of spirit that you’ve put into LRT. I’m glad that you’ll continue to write, you have a superb talent for storytelling and connecting and so I hope you’ll let us all know where to find you. Love, and many blessings from a little town in Canada.

  17. I am so, so saddened to hear of this, but I’m so excited for you at the same time! This space is my favorite tarot/magic space; the stuff talked about here are things I wish were talked about more, in my own life and my Pagan community – the talk of privilege, racism, queerness, within the magical community. Thank you for providing that, and thank you to all your guest writers. Thank you for inspiring me to forge ahead and start creating the community I want to see IRL. Thank you for inspiring me as a witch and prompting me to dig deeper. I’m happy to hear we’ll still be able to access the content and shop! And I’ll have to get on buying your courses – that’s something I’ve been meaning to do for a while. 😉

    Your words here resonated with me strongly because I’ve been contemplating a lot of the same themes. I’m excited for your journey and what you’ll find there, and it makes my heart happy that you’re staying true to yourself. ??

  18. I’m very happy for you, and I’m also pretty inspired by your big decision making. I’ll miss LRT, but look forward to seeing where you go with your work.

    I’d love to read (one day, somewhere) about your working with a coach. When I read that in your post, I realized I have assumptions about what that means) negative ones, full of images of cheesy hustlers), but am also curious. Just a thought. : )

    Best of luck with your new places and spaces!

  19. Melanie Lucia says:

    Follow your desire Beth, it won’t lead you wrong! I want to thank you and all the wonderful writers here at LRT – you have all nurtured and comforted me; encouraged and held me accountable. I shall miss this space and all your wonderful voices. Wishing you all bright blessings for the future xxx

  20. I am so inspired by you, Beth. It is HUGE to acknowledge all of these thoughts, feelings, and needs, and then to act on it all. Change is good, change is good, change is good. The seeds you have planted through the LRT community can grow with those who are inspired to use tarot in new, meaningful ways as a result of the work you have put into the world. I’m so excited for you and will always be grateful to have had the chance to write for LRT <3

  21. Maria says:

    Amazing, fabulous! You have encouraged me too. I started back with my art last week and it feels so right! Good luck lovely lady, shine your light brightly and follow and explore your passion. Much love Maria xx

  22. kate says:

    I have been a (relatively quiet) part of the LRT community for the last 3 years and have loved your approach to tarot and following along on your journey. Your column on Autostraddle led me to buying my first deck, and to LRT, and to many other amazing tarot practitioners and writers. Thank you & best of luck with your next adventures & projects! Very happy to hear that you’ll still be sharing a newsletter as I have really enjoyed those popping into my inbox (and will continue to!) and I appreciate your efforts to accountably wind-down LRT.

  23. finnigan says:

    <3 <3 <3 i’ve never been much more involved than an occasional reader of the bits and bobs newsletter since a year ago – and yet im grateful all the same for your gentle and powerful presence through it. i know you’ll find where you need to be and trust you in making this choice. thank you for the advance notice, and easy journey to you <3

  24. Maggie Appleton says:

    Thank you Beth. I feel that I want to read this post many times. It has honesty, tenderness and strength to step away from something that you know so well. I shall miss it but am excited to hear about what grows and evolves, challenging, questioning, celebrating ………………living .

  25. Donna says:

    Just echoing what others before me have already said: you are dearly loved. And I wish you all of the best – the light, the love, the inspiration and the guidance to continue growing, changing and evolving into the very best version of yourself that you can be.

    I am grateful for all of your hard work and for all that you have given us. As an activist from an earlier generation, it makes me happy to see that our work wasn’t in vain and indeed continues afresh.

  26. Mona T says:

    And now I’m crying. I was totally okay reading the e-mail about this, but, yeah, not now.:-)

    I feel like I’m going through a similar transformation. So much of my life has been do this, do that, now do this other thing — and when I get to the end of a project or plan and another one doesn’t spring to mind, where it might have felt like freedom when I was younger, now it makes me feel lost and unnecessary.

    Best of luck to you, Beth! I’m really looking forward to what comes next for you, however you decide to share it with us.

  27. I’m touched by your honesty and courage in taking this leap and sharing the rationale with us. I have absolutely no doubt that your talents, compassion, and integrity will carry you soundly onto the next phase of your path. Bon voyage!

  28. PVD Julie says:

    Beth, thank you for sharing your wonderful writing and so many refreshing and challenging worldviews, your own and others’. I’m truly grateful to you and your co-conspiritors for your openness and generosity.


  29. Ryn says:

    Beth, I am beyond happy that you’re following the through-line of your desire!! On the new moon in Leo I decided that it was time to drop out of my PhD program (after getting my MA) to focus on my writing and developing my priestess endeavors. Looks like big changes for both of us! LRT has been an incredible resource for me these past few years, and you have been such a kind and brilliant presence through it all. Thank you for all your work, thank you for all your love.

    • Tammy says:

      Beth I have just started viewing your site in the maybe pass 2 weeks to a month….really not sure crazy celestial summer has been the wildest roller coasters rides of my life…long story novel…your story you just shared and what I fell an said to you when I started reading WOW!! Balance!! Our lives don’t compare on money,friends,etc…otherwise it sounds like we are having the same experience… finally….does this shift feel total different? Just for you? Or for the whole of all spiritual beings (universe)? Thank you so much for introducing me tarot reading and the mason relationship…and your beautiful story of a new freedom

  30. Aimee says:

    This space has been so important to me! Thank you.

    Are there other similar spaces you’d recommend or upcoming projects others are working on?

  31. Beth, congratulations on the courage to recognize that a cycle has come to fruition (The World) and take the exciting leap into the unknown (The Fool)! It can be hard to quit while you’re ahead, so to speak. But I will miss this blog so much. Hope you will put in proper redirect links for all posts if the URLs for the archived site are different from the original. I have linked to you many times on my own blog.

    Some of the gifts that LRT has given me: Literally transformed my once-disabled life through reproductive health advice I found in the comments on a sacred menstrual cycles post. Connected me to indie artists’ decks that brought my emerging nonbinary identity into focus. Led me to Andi Grace’s boundaries course, which helped me through the end of a close friendship.

    Whatever you do next, I’m sure it will be a blessing too. Keep us posted.

  32. Willow B. says:

    Little Red Tarot has long been one of my most favourite blogs on the entire internet. I have particularly appreciated reading your own writings – I have found your words an star for the wild-empathetic-kind-radical creative offerings I wish to make myself. The vulnerability-in-strength I have found in your writings have always moved me, and this post on the upcoming completion of LTR is no exception.

    Thank you so much for your years of beautiful work on Little Red Tarot, Beth.

  33. MM says:

    Thank you Beth and to all the writers who have contributed to the blog. It’s been amazing to read all the posts over the years and I’m so pleased it will be kept for those who find it in the future – and for us to reread. Wishing you the very best xxx

  34. I understand why this has to happen for your journey, but to be honest it’s really breaking my heart that stepping away means this site has to end, rather than passing it into new hands. My own practice of tarot will be suffering a big loss without fresh perspectives from LRT that feels insurmountable right now, and it’s a shame that there’s no other blog like this out there collecting work from multiple voices on the more radical side of tarot. It’s also a big grief to process as I’ve been waiting eagerly since the beginning of my tarot journey last November for the community to open up spots, desperately craving tarot community as a trans person and someone who doesn’t jive with some of the more traditional options. The fact that said community will never be open to me is pretty depressing and I’m feeling some intense anger at myself for not having somehow found tarot sooner, got in earlier, met people through the community while it existed. It’s a big 3 of Swords / 5 of Cups moment. That said, I’m grateful that you’ll keep the content accessible, and look forward to finishing my deep dive into the archive as well as being hopeful that some of the writers who post here exclusively will start their own blogs in this absence.

    I wish you best of luck with your own undertakings and am sure whatever you end up putting out into the world will be amazing.

    • Thanks for sharing your feelings Avory. I really feel that this is a community loss, and I hope so much that someone else, or a group of folks, takes on the role of holding such a space.

      And I want to personally apologise for the public discussion of creating an online community back in spring – I know many have been awaiting this eagerly. I was very passionate about that idea at that point and fully believed that was to be the next iteration of LRT – now I am in such a different place, and before I can make any more big decisions, I need to take some time out. I intend to address the community thing specifically in a forthcoming blog post here, and be really accountable to how my meanderings have affected others.

  35. Magi says:

    Been a silent admirer for years: have to come out and say, love your work, love your blog and your courage to put out unique material in your own uniquely powerful way. All the best, because you deserve it. Thanks Beth. For everything.

  36. Clair says:

    Hello Beth,
    What an inspiration to make such a public and brave decision. I applaud your determination to be true to yourself and plough through when it’s not always clear where you’re going and to trust it’s where you need to be. Like everyone else, your emails are the ones I look forwards to and make time to read in their entirety, so I’m glad to hear a newsletter of some kind will continue. How lucky we are to have had LRT for all these years! If for any reason the newsletter wasn’t possible, you’ve very much already served the community well. Immense gratitude for the support you have lent via your teachings, perspective or general musings. I appreciate the level of consideration you have given us the reader as part of your decision, and how we are still able to access the site in future.
    Wishing you all the very best. I look forward to hearing more xx

  37. Thank you for modeling the magic of release to your community! This is such a big change for you, and I have only been a subscriber for a short time, but your work and the work you have helped get in my sphere has impacted me really deeply, thank you. There are such good feelings in my heart to read that you are making this decision for yourself. You are a spiritual sibling and I wish you all the depths and effervescence allowed in a lifetime!

  38. Dear Beth,

    I feel that before I read all the comments people made before me I need to just write this and thank you, so this might be hugely repetitive, but I wanted to start with my own words before I get intimidated by how others always seem to say things ‘better’ (whatever that means).

    Thank you!
    You have been one of the people who showed me tarot could be so much more than cis-het-white-able bodied-thin focussed, that I could trust my gut when reading my cards, that made me question gate-keepers.
    Thank you for reminding me of what drew me to tarot as a teenager, and for drawing me back in.
    Your blog has enriched my life and practice, as I’m sure it has for many others.

    Thank you for your honesty, I admire your vulnerability and how you inform/include us in this journey.

    I wish you all the best, in everything you will manifest and whatever life has in store for you next!

  39. Hi Beth,

    Thank you for everything you have shared and made space for on this blog over the years. I’m grateful that the archive of posts will remain up, there’s so much knowledge and wisdom that has accumulated here. Thank you again for creating this space and good luck on all your crafty endeavors!

  40. I would just like to add to the chorus of people thanking you and all the contributors for what has been created on this site. I think it is amazing that you are honoring yourself and making this huge shift, and I appreciate the thoughtfulness of this post and of everything you’ve put out there over the years. Thank you!

  41. rhys.morgan says:

    Dear Beth,

    Congratulations on having the courage to make this huge step and to go forward being true to yourself.

    Thank you so much for all the work that you put into creating this wonderful space–it’s been a great resource since I found it about, four, five years ago. I found it right when I was a bit stuck in life and with tarot, and it really helped me move forward in a meaningful way in so many different areas.

    Best wishes to you as you embark on your new journey–may the next phase be wonderful and filled with joy.

  42. Stephanie K says:

    Beth, I want to thank you so much for sharing this part of yourself for so long, for the many other contributors for sharing themselves, and for teaching me/enlightening me on so many levels. I’m a white, cis, straight American woman and your blog has had a big impact on how I see and interact with the world, how I use the tarot, and this interesting path of spirituality I’m on. You have introduced me to other amazing people I’ve been able to learn from and respect as well. I’ve always thought of myself as open, supportive, an ally, but you’ve constantly challenged me to look deeper and push myself further. Thank you! I look forward to seeing what the future holds for you dear one!

  43. Rather selfishly I’m sad to see the close of LRT, but I’m very, very happy that you’ve made this decision for yourself! I’ve loved reading the posts and the newsletter – as others before me have said, it’s one of the very few newsletters I read fully. I love the idea of archiving all the LRT posts as a sort of ‘coffee-table book’ – that will be a wonderful resource, and a beautiful legacy for the community.
    Thank you so much for all you’ve put into LRT over the years. Wishing you wonderful things for the future, with love.

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