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    • Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Beth, happy birthday to yooooooou!

      I Love that your website is so welcoming and warm and that you support the artists that are doing independent deck which are sooo beautiful. I Love that you help and support them to spread the love they put in to their cards out to the rest of the world. The delivery is also incredible fast. I ordered a deck from Sweden and it dident take long at all for me to have it in my hands. That made me sooo happy! Very thankfuln for that

    • Gabriella Sanford says:

      My favorite thing about the LRT is how friendly and welcomed I feel just by reading regularly! I’m so incredibly grateful to have a place where I can see other LGBTQA+ people giving their unique takes on the cards, and your alternative take on tarot as a whole is one that I really enjoy and welcome into my life, So thank you, Beth!!

  1. My favorite thing has to be the fact that I found a place where I can love the tarot as an analytical tool without losing the ‘wow’ of their mysticism. Bonus points for the LGBT viewpoint on the cards!

  2. Wolyo says:

    My favorite thing is your intuitive, down to earth approach to tarot. Your spreads, blog posts, etc. helped me to feel Tarot as a more natural “talent” rather than a skill to be learned!

    • Rachel says:

      Agreed! I love how clearly your perspective comes through, as well as the collaborations you’ve built and the resources you share from around the web.

      I’m a big fan of how you share what’s going on for you personally, too, it feels very authentic.

      Thanks for making such an incredible resource!

  3. Stefanie says:

    My favorite thing about Little Red Tarot is how it’s helped me to connect my deck to the world around me. I got back in touch with tarot last year, and lurking around here has been a big part of finding my footing, because you’ve got a way of making everything seem very accessible and down to earth, the way tarot should be, instead of bound up and locked away by ancient traditions.

  4. Vera says:

    Happy birthday LRT! And good luck with all the packing!!
    My fave thing is the newsletters, Im so busy I forget to check blogs and forums and most of the time that you sign up for a news letter you feel like you have handed over your details to a carsales guy trying to convince you to sacrifice your firstborn for a crap car.
    Your newsletters are homey and lovely and I never feel like I am talking to someone selling me stuff

    • Fay says:

      Yes! This last line too ^^^^^^^^^^^^^
      True personality in this woman (Beth), no sign of that kind of desperate ‘I did a life coach course, and deserve only the best paying clients’ mentality. I love Beth’s approach to life. Keeping it real . Very cool.

  5. Anniina says:

    My favourite thing about LRT… I’d have to say it’s being connected to LRT by the mailing list Bits and bobs. It keeps me alert in a way that suits me.

  6. Amber says:

    My favorite thing about Little Red Tarot is the inventory of alternative tarot meanings. A close second is the tarot community.

  7. Rebekka says:

    My favorite thing about Little Red Tarot is that it makes me think. Sometimes about tarot and sometimes about art and sometimes about life.

  8. Nusye says:

    My favourite thing is YOUR ENERGY, Beth! Without your style and quirky missives and the enthusiasm you clearly imprint on your mails, Little Red Tarot may not be as enchanting or as grand as it currently is! Happily, your energies = good, and Little Red Tarot = awesome!!

  9. Paypal Xanax says:

    Happy Birthday, Little Red Tarot!! I absolutely love the queering of the Tarot – the different perspectives and new angles of approaching the classic symbols. Thank you!

  10. My favourite thing about Little Red Tarot is how transparent and personal it is. It is so clear how fully this has been your project, Beth – you shine right through it.
    In any kind of writing or art, it’s the human connection, that sincerity and honesty, that draws us in – it’s why I’ve studied clowning, which is all about doing away with any fourth wall and acknowledging the PEOPLE in conversation.
    Thanks for bringing that fearlessness and willingness to this community, Beth.

  11. My favourite thing is the information you share and the wonderful friendly way you do it! I know that any e-mail from you has loads of wonderful tarot information mixed in with life snippets.

  12. Happy birthday LRT! My favourite thing about your lovely site is you and the personal touch that comes through in your writing. Also the great take on all things tarot and discovering new decks and other tarot writers. thank you. x

  13. Jackie says:

    My favourite thing about Little Red Tarot is its fresh, alternative take on tarot which makes me look at the cards in a new way. I love how in Little Red Tarot you share your deep knowledge and love of the tarot in such a creative and positive way. Every time I visit Little Red Tarot or read one of your posts, I come away with new insights and inspiration for my tarot journey.

  14. Theo says:

    Little Red Tarot was the first thing to get me really excited about tarot. So I guess my favorite thing about it is that it constantly reminds me why tarot is important to me and all the potential it holds. Thanks for everything over the years. Xx

  15. Linda says:

    During the 9-5 drudgery at my desk, living in a concrete city it makes me smile when I see your posts and photos and reminds me there are still beautiful places and people out there. Ok maybe living a bit vicariously there but one day πŸ™‚

    PS and a good delivery service too!

  16. My favourite thing about Little Red Tarot is the energy you, Beth, have created here. I have never before felt I belonged to any online community until I found LRT. Everything about it resonates with my current personal and tarot journey. Happy Birthday and thank you LRT :)x

  17. I like your fresh, new look at tarot. You have rekindled in me an old – but somehow discarded – interest in tarot cards. I am immensely enjoying your journey. Happy equinox.

  18. elina says:

    I wrote a comment and then it got deleted…. Up and try again!

    The thing I love the most with LRT is the community. The forum, where we can meet and support each other, learn from each other, help each other grow. How you’ve invited others to write, getting a bigger perspective, different views. From being one person to becoming a thing created collectively. And as a person fighting and struggling within this society’s destructive norms and structures, LRT have been a source of power. Solidarity is what makes us the strongest. Thank you!

  19. Kim says:

    I’m so happy I found this blog, because before I was really struggling with the female/male essentialist interpretations of the tarot, and spirituality in general. I love that you have a non-binary approach, it’s very inspiring and makes me connect to the cards more!

  20. Another vote for the community (and that includes you, Beth, as the page author is always the initial seed of the community), which is openly feminist. If Little Red Tarot was a place, I would want to live there.

  21. My favourite thing about LRT is your deeply charming writing style, Beth. I’m deeply fascinated by tarot and love your approach to it, but I’d still read this blog with equal enthusiasm if it were about boat maintenance or keeping chickens. Both interesting anyway, but you get my point!

  22. Jane says:

    I love your passion, and yet simplicity, your feminism, and openly supportive of LGBTQ rights, and people. Oh and that you draw stars and moons on your packaging, which is also sealed with a??. Thank you, happy birthday ????

  23. Fay says:

    LRT is absolutely unique among the tarot sites and blogs I’ve come across. It’s feisty, and edgy and so not wishy washy, airy fairy. Your approach to life/tarot/women and fun is like a good old spring shower. Utterly refreshing !

  24. Amy says:

    I have so many favourite things about this site since I started reading!

    1. I love the sense of community and acceptance – it’s so strong, warm & beautiful & I feel that you have created something truly authentic & wonderful here.

    2. I love the insights into your life Beth. It shows authenticity and again shows a realistic look at the life of a card enthusiast – we’re all normal people with jobs & beautiful lives going on in the background.

    3. I love the card spreads, the in depth discussions & all of the tarot related goodness. It’s easy, beautiful & inspiring.

    4. I love the indie decks. As an avid collector, I always check out LET before considering a new purchase.

    Overall I just bloody love the website & im always happy when I see a new post πŸ™‚

  25. Faustine says:

    My favourite thing about Little Red Tarot is what a safe and welcoming place it is. You’ve clearly worked on making it both safe and inclusive, Beth, and I find it inspiring just how well you’ve done that with quite simple methods and without turning it into a big flashy feature. It feels like the most natural thing in the world and it has made me think about what I might be able to do to emulate that elsewhere, if and when I have input.

  26. silicadust says:

    my fav thing about LRT is the genuine love and affection for the cards — approaching them like a friend, instead of, like, a messenger of DOOM ™. i also adore the dash of mindfulness and the drive to keep the seeker grounded you sprinkle into your post: things might be awkward or just plain old silly right now, but reading your posts and your approach to life always makes me feel hopeful, like okay, let’s breathe for a second, laugh and try again.

    thank you, beth, for creating such a wonderful space!!

  27. Sarah Robinson says:

    I love reading your emails and posts with a nice cup of tea, it’s like chatting with an old friend, I love it!

  28. Sg says:

    Everyone is pointing out what a fantastic writer you are, (and you ARE), but I really enjoy that you live so authentically and open. It’s ,making me reach for my glint in the shadows, and maybe I’ll get to the place where I can shine.And the forum- it’s fantastic

  29. Juliane says:

    What I like most about LRT is its taste of freedom and colorfulness……always curious what fresh and new thoughts to find next…..

  30. Konstanze says:

    My favourite thing of little red tarot is your dedication to this subject in a honest, downtoearth, inspirational and generous way. ??

  31. Oh gods, I don’t even know where to start! But if there is one red thread connecting all the things I love about LRT is the warmth and reflections you always pour into each post. It feels inspiring and intimate at the same time, and each post is a tiny jewel to tuck in my Fav folder and bring out every now and then to read in the kitchen with a cup of coffee, always discovering something new that I hadn’t seen previously. (And for this, thank you Beth!)

  32. Emma says:

    My fave thing about Little Red Tarot is you Beth and all of the other incredible, interesting and brilliant people it brings into my life via you! Congratulations to 5 wonderful years of growth, community and love sharing.
    ???? Love you ????

  33. My favourite thing about Little Red Tarot is Beth, too! You did such beautiful intuitive readings for me that I really needed at that point in my life, and I feel so blessed that I found this site πŸ™‚ I love your blog and I’m working through the Alternative Tarot course πŸ™‚

    You also introduced me to the Wild Unknown tarot deck which I have since bought from your awesome little shop (another plus point for LRT!) – I absolutely love it and feel like I’m connecting with the cards more than I ever have my previous decks πŸ™‚

    Best of luck with the move to Skye – it’s such a beautiful corner of the world (me and my sisters and mum are going back in November for a little holiday!) πŸ™‚ xxx

  34. Red says:

    I really appreciate your earthy take on cards – real life, meaningful and always embracing the delicious diversity of life. I always feel excited but never alienated by your thoughts and wisdom. You stimulate my tarot juices! Have an amazing journey in your new life xx

  35. Anna says:

    Happy Birthday, LRT! I’m quite new here, but I love you already)) Since I signed up for your emails, they are my favourite things to read, along with the articles here (the website is amazing btw, stylish, cosy and very informative). Your personality is seen here right away – bright, merry, kind, open and honest – a perfect set for a person a lot of people learn from. I wish you have a smooth move and a happy life in your new home. Hugs from Russia (:

  36. Beth, you were the first person who told me that what I thought the cards meant was what they mean.

    Previously, all of the people who taught me Tarot were adamant that the card meant what the book said it did. You were the first person to give me a different perspective on that, and it made my connection to the Tarot all that much more deeper and special.

    I can’t thank you enough for your course and all that you do. πŸ™‚

  37. As many others have said, the best thing about Little Red Tarot is certainly you Beth, and the new and exciting perspectives you bring to the whole area of tarot. The second best thing is that I can buy otherwise hard to get hold of decks via your shop…..and the personal and friendly service received is always second to none.??x

  38. Have to agree it’s your energy and amazing tarot knowledge that I like best, Beth. The fact you love cats is a very special added bonus. I also love the photos you share with us, showing your card spreads…always with that added little touch of Nature that gives a sense of powers beyond us are at work as well.

  39. Karin says:

    My favorite thing about LRT is that it’s the blog and shop that opened my eyes to the magic world of tarot. It has never disappointed me. I love your queer, femenist way to teach and love it, guess that I love YOU Beth, aswell ??

  40. Hi Beth ! I LOVE your blog! I stumbled across it a couple months ago when I had found my cards not really being used for a little while. I came to LRT and found the ATC and THANK YOU so much ! I have been reading for about 3 years now and after coming across your course it not only motivated me to connect with my cards, it gave me such a stronger connection which I am ever so thankful for! It is hard for me to chose my favourite 1 think about this blog because there are many that I like: I love the Queering the Tarot entry posts. I think in this generation where more and more people are having difficulty dealing with these issues of gender roles, it’s a great place to come for understanding and a new perspective on something so traditional! I also LOVE the layout and design and how you piece everything together ! It’s such an appealing design. But no matter how good of a layout your page is, how many guest entries you allow, or that you created a kick as a course and blog, I think my most favourite thing about this blog is your reviews and different decks offered in shop ! You always manage to find the most interesting and unique decks and I love that ! I love coming to LRT to learn more, whether it be about tarot or seeing some new art, Little Red Tarot and Beth have my heart ????

  41. Linda says:

    My favorite thing about Little Red Tarot is pretty well the whole thing…. and your energy comes through the things you write about πŸ™‚ I’m all the way in Canada so I may not be able to try for the contest, but I enjoy your blog!

    Linda, still waiting for Spring even though tomorrow is Equinox!

  42. Stella Figliano says:

    Happy Birthday to Little Red Tarot!!! So exciting!!!… I’m just starting out, taking little baby steps into the little kiddie pools of learning about tarot cards and how to read them. So my favourite thing about LRT has been the Alternative Tarot Course which is helping me immensely to understand the cards and myself and life through the cards. It’s been a lovely journey so far and I’m sure it will only continue to evolve as I keep making my way, slowly going through the course. Thank you very much Beth for creating the ATC I’m enjoying it quite a lot!

  43. I love the no-BS yet super supportive vibe. The sense of “come as you are”, and your down-to-Earth way of communicating, on the blog as well as in newsletters. <3

  44. Shy says:

    My favorite thing is feeling like I, as a queer and nonbinary person, have a space where I can explore tarot while not feeling “othered.” Thank you for that! I also love how affordable and accessible the LRT course is!

  45. Yay birthday! I love that this was the first place I heard that I could do this tarot thing in whatever way worked best for me. This place helped me solidify and flesh out my own tarot philosophy when I was just beginning.

  46. Wow, so much love for Little Red Tarot – and deservedly so!

    I love this blog because it inspired me to get creative with how I read. I’ve been reading for 10 years, but had been pretty stiff and perhaps even a little too serious in my readings up until the past two years or so. I was starting to loosen up when I discovered this blog, and now I’ve got a floodgate of new ideas!

  47. Suzanne Aeverman says:

    My favorite thing about Little Red Tarot and Beth Eden is her unique take on the Tarot. The many and varied offerings on her site are generous and useful. I like to “live vicariously” through her travels and now her move to the Island of Skye. Love her Aquarian sense of adventure. Thanks Beth!

  48. My favorite thing about Little Red Tarot is the community. It’s been such a cool place to grow in my tarot learning, and I felt warmly welcomed right from the start.

    Happy birthday to Little Red Tarot, and a huge thank you, Beth, for creating such a wonderful place to learn and grow! I wish you all the best in your new adventure πŸ˜€

  49. Yu says:

    My favourite thing about Little Red Tarot is the no-bull***t attitude towards tarot. Not only the website but the contents, community as well as the unique perspective on tarot is beyond amazing. Happy birthday to Little Red Tarot πŸ˜€ and thank you so much for creating this gem!

  50. My favorite thing about little red tarot is that it was the first relatable, well-written, and engaging blog about tarot that I found when first getting into tarot. All of the tips and tarot advice have really upped my tarot game~~ thank you !

  51. Rachel says:

    My favorite thing is how you make tarot – what seemed like an impenetrable mess of tradition and rules – accessible and creative and open-ended. πŸ™‚

  52. MJ says:

    LRT is my go to source for card meanings when I am stumped. The descriptions of the cards have always really resonated with me, and spur me into intuiting my own meaning for my readings. Thanks, Beth!

  53. Aveen says:

    Sooo many things to love, but especially that your posts make me think about lots of things. As a straight woman I find the LBGT – tarot connections fascinating as they give a different perspective that helps loads when I read for others. I adore the deck reviews, and the emails regularly cheer up my day.

    And I want to live on a houseboat now!

  54. There are so many things I loved about LRT- it was the first place I felt like I could explore my witchiness without reservation (about the witchiness or my queerness), and since the tarot course dropped while I was studying abroad, it became a huge part of my life when I was going through some big transitions and feeling sad and weird and homesick!

    Basically, LRT has been there for me for a long while, and the community and LEARNING here warms my heart and has lit my way many a time.
    Happy birthday to Little Red Tarot, endless thank yous, Beth, and good luck moving!

  55. Tea says:

    I truly enjoy your beautifully put-together posts, from the thoughtful and friendly writing to the lovely photographs. Thanks for creating such a wonderful and entertaining website!

  56. I love your humor and sass! This has become my favorite tarot site, and your personality is a big reason why. I think my favorite thing, though, is the Alternative Tarot Course. I’ve been trying (with limited success) to learn tarot for years, and this is the first time I’ve felt like I’m making some headway!

    Happy Birthday, Little Red Tarot!

  57. Kara Moaratty says:

    Of all the things I love here, the simple, unshakable basic truth you share that anyone, especially me, can form a personal relationship to tarot just floors me Beth. I’ve wanted to connect with tarot for many many years, but somehow your really matter of fact, welcoming tone was what I needed. I sincerely thank you for that.

  58. Amy B says:

    Happy Birthday! I just found your site and I’m so happy I did. I stumbled upon you and found that I kept clicking and reading. I’m new to all this stuff but I find your approach really modern, approachable & engaging!

  59. Amanda Dinnes says:

    I love that the “queerness” of the tarrot is so celebrated in your blog – and that its recognized as an intuitive, fundamental thing, not something you are translating for “teh gays.”

    Also your email response time is pretty amazing πŸ˜‰

  60. Your tarot course was a tremendous source of growth and enrichment for my practice, but honestly? I’ve gotta say the newsletters! They are SO HARD to write, but your newsletters come off as effortlessly conversational and authentic. I genuinely look forward to them – and that’s a huge-ass accomplishment.

    So much love to you, Beth. And congratulations!

  61. Nikk says:

    I love LRT because, as a relative beginner, I’m offered tons of different ways to access and practice tarot without feeling that I need to know encyclopedias of information in order to have a good reading or fun doing one. I’ve gotten really solid use out of your bridge spread and I love being a part of the community. I feel like I’m growing as a reader & person (who, like everyone more or less, is having a rough time right now and reading something fun and kind and knowledgable about something I wish I were that knowledgable about and that resonates every time I read it is so much to me right now).

  62. Above all else, I enjoy your perspective. One of the challenges that I recognize that exists for me is that I tend to get trapped in my – for lack of a more concise word – my “white, middle-class, (mostly) hetero, English-speaking, able-bodied, cis-man box.” Certainly, you don’t write explicitly to counter these things, but the perspective of women – or this woman! – is something I seek out to avoid falling into a limited reality of my own making. So thanks for your perspective! It’s mighty useful.

  63. I really like your insight about tarot cards. I feel like I can see the cards in a profound and meaningful way, without losing contact with my understanding of the world and of myself. And your updates about what’s going on in your life! Your journeys sure are fascinating ^_^

  64. Jen S. says:

    My favorite thing is how you’ve created a safe place for queer and trans tarot readers! Thanks for your dedication to doing that.

  65. Rebecca says:

    My favorite thing is how you encourage us all to develop our own personal approach to tarot, free from whatever rules there may be.

  66. Congratulations on 5 years and on ALL of the changes and openings happening in your life! I am sooo happy to have found your site which is my GO TO for developing a personal relationship and understanding of the Tarot. I love your posts where you share how the cards open up meaning and insight for you in your life and in particular I love the way you honor the interpretations that come through, blowing open the more traditional readings. Really helps me to see the cards as a developing dialogue with myself, my life. Just today I had an awesome reading with my preteen – oh my stars! It was such a wonderful experience to have the cards addressing issues that coming from her mom, she would not “hear” but in the cards, she was open to listening, considering and CHOOSING her responses. Wow. Empowering for both of us. Happy packing! xo

  67. Flavia says:

    Hello Beth,

    My favorite thing about little red tarot is how easy you make tarot to read, how your spreads are ON SPOT (they have helped me a lot), your fun and real personality and the fact that you asks us to reply your mailing list(wich I did and you answered back, yay!).

    So, in one sentence: My favorite thing is that you love what you do, and we readers can feel that love =)

  68. My favourite thing is the variety. Sometimes it’s about tarot, sometimes it’s about gender and politics and social justice, and I like how they inter-mingle. It’s like a snapshot into my brain.

    Now if only there was more about mental wellness and tarot I’d be set! Maybe I need to pitch a column or something.

  69. Happy birthday LRT! My absolute fave thing is your ability to grow and evolve this blog, your career overall, and in your tarot practice. I can get a little set in my ways and your constant, unapologetic change and evolution has inspired me to be more fluid. <3.

  70. Niju Mohan says:

    I was looking into reading playing cards and in my first google search itself I got LRT website. It was lovely and well writen. Later interacting with Kristen, I came to know about some books and I have also signed up for the email alerts. Lovely to hear about these. I will recommend LRT to my friends.

  71. Kikimora says:

    Last august when I came back to my tarot practice, I’ve stumbled upon your blog and your approach to cards resonated with me. I’ve read all your posts on Wildwood tarot and I’ve borrowed your interview with a new deck. Also you have a good nose for fine decks. Beside this tarot side, it’s interesting to follow your Skye life (so envious). And I’m glad the story continues.

  72. Marina D says:

    My favourite things are, the photography and your approach to tarot, I also bought a deck from you and the whole experience was great! I enjoy tarot sites from Britain but they are difficult to come by. Yours was a breath of fresh air and you have a refreshing attitude to all things tarot.

  73. Shazia says:

    My favourite thing (ah there are so many!!!) has to be the blog posts, I first come across your site about 2 years ago & whilst I have joined the wonderful forum & completed your fabulous tarot course I have to go back to those days when I sat down in the evenings after work reading post after post, enjoying & absorbing your down to earth writing style & the way you approach reading the cards yourself, so humble, so honest, so homely πŸ™‚

  74. Your fearless affirmation. Of yourself and of the community that you draw to you. You touch people Beth. When I fist got the inkling that I might be willing to write again your name was offered up as someone who has created a safe space for my writing. I hadn’t even seen your website yet but already it had a home in my head as the “safe space.” The ripples you create with your warmth and authentic you-ness are profound. Gratitude to you.

  75. amofox says:

    My favourite thing is the way you proactively seek to open up inclusive dialogues and perspectives on your subject matter. Intersectionality FTW.

  76. Bee says:

    I always look forward to the LRT newsletters in my inbox, because both the LRT blogs and the links you share are the kind of things I want to spend my time on the Internet reading. LRT always feels positive, but not cloying and certainly not shy about pointing out injustice and issues that prompt hard reflection. I love having a space led by such a thoughtful person (now people!) where I can think more about both the earthy and mystical sides of tarot. Thanks for all you do, Beth!

  77. Constance says:

    My favorite thing about LRT is the energy of both you and this fabulous community you’ve built! It makes this such a great space to learn and talk about tarot!

  78. A. says:

    My favorite thing about this site is the different perspective you’re committed to bringing, both yourself and with guest posts (and new contributors!). There are so many good tarot sites and blogs out there, but it’s nice to have a corner with voices that have that bit more in common with your own!
    Plus I just find your posts inspiring – just finished doing your spring cleaning spread for the equinox and it was wonderful! I’m still digesting that reading.

  79. I really love Little Red Tarot and my heart goes ‘wheeeee!’ every time I see a notification of a new post in my inbox.

    If I had to pick a favorite aspect it would be your attitude and exuberance and grounded voice. I think the way that plays out and shows up best is in the sense of community you have fostered, all from what is words on a computer screen! Guest posts, courses and cool spreads, glimpses into your life, the Alternative Tarot Network…you’ve created something really special *and* you share it with us!

    Happy birthday Little Red Tarot! And best of luck with the move, Beth!

  80. Mark W. says:

    Happyhappy Birthday, Little Red Tarot!! \o/

    Aside from Beth herself and what she shares here, the thing I most love about Little Red Tarot is the focus on queer and POC experiences with the Tarot, which is mostly presented as very white, heterocentric, heteronormative, cis-centric and prescriptive. The variety of voices here, between the site content and the community, is wonderful and unusual in my experience. Here’s to many more years ahead for Little Red Tarot!

  81. Adri says:

    I’m fairly new to this site but I’m subscribed to your newsletter. I like that this site introduces you to a variety of decks that I wouldn’t normally find with traditional publishers. Also that this site is proudly feminist is a pleasant bonus.

  82. I don’t care if you choose me for a prize, what I love is having an opportunity to tell you that I have been following you for years now and watching you grow and bloom and give the Tarot world something really excellent and full of diversity and profound meaning. I have been living vicariously through all your adventures and feeling – yes, one of us is out there really living our dreams and taking chances and you’ve had some hard times and then some lovely times and I’m not queer in the way that you mean but I have always been marginal and different and I love this discovery of similar and the bright light there. You are very awesome; I love your new changes to your site, I want to come to Skye, don’t we all; I am feeling my Celtic roots through you and learning a shitload of knowledge and quite honestly I delete a lot of stuff from my computer without reading it – I have all your posts saved to a folder!:)) I buy the cards you suggest, I open to ideas you purport, I long to be in love but I’m old now and even there, I’m young again in you and think, wow to be young again and to be doing what she is doing and to have all that energy and drive and vulnerability all at the same time. Whew. This is just me saying gold stars to you my dear. Your site is the prize!!!

  83. I love the diversity of voices/columns I see here, it’s not “just” tarot. I like how it gets me thinking about tarot in different ways, beyond just card meanings or explaining spreads (although incidentally I love it when you do that too–it’s definitely the right balance!). Yay Little Red Tarot! πŸ˜€

  84. I think my favorite this is the friendship you and I have built, and the support I have received for growing my tarot reading skills. Oh, and the awesome people I learn about and connect with through posts and comments. Oh, and your face. I think that might be my favorite thing.

  85. April G says:

    What I really love about this blog is the diversity of topics and opinions you give space to! Not just letting people like me contribute (I wrote the article about Brian Froude’s Faeries Oracle), but information on this blog has opened my eyes to many other tarot related topics.

  86. This is so great! Thanks for doing this. I love all your alternative, out of the box approaches to tarot, as well as the community you have formed around that process of discovery. Tarot to me is such a creative process, and I like approaching it with an open mind. The fact that you not only share your genuine style and personality, but open the site up to others to do just the same is so telling of an authentic creative platform where ego and doctrine play no part.

  87. Oak says:

    What I like best about LRT is the simple, straightforward way you connect. The website is clean, easy to navigate, and not distracting. Your posts are grounded in your personal experience, which makes tarot seem accessible. You are vulnerable re life stuff you’re wrestling with, which makes it easy to relate to you and reassures me that I can learn tarot too (because you’re wandering and learning in the same way I am, rather than some perfectly together oracle). I also highly appreciate the way you model critical thinking about gender in the tarot. Thank you for being here!

  88. Hey, happy birthday Little Red Tarot! My favourite thing about the site is that it keeps it casual, witty and fun, but at the same time very personal and educational. It is like a warm cup of tea after a hard day at work… with some tarot cards, of course. A learned A LOT about tarot cards here and I thank you and all the contributors sincerely!

  89. Happy Birthday! It’s been such an inspiring journey the one you’ve been upon for the past years. What I like most about Little Red Tarot is that you give space and hold that space skillfully: you give space for flow and transmutation, giving permission to all those who come in contact with you to feel that they don’t have to abide by any given structure, and you hold that space for others from your heart, opening up through your stories and your learning. You allow people to feel that whatever they want to explore using the Tarot, can be done. Deep gratitude coming your way, best wishes for your new trails!

  90. Little Red tarot feels like a sensitive, responsive and living hub for a group of people with pretty specific needs and desires. I think part of the success of this project is how it changes to integrate the voices of the reader/participants. This may just seem like good marketing but it’s more than that, because it seeks to empower us folks, not just get our attention. The voices (Beths, the guest contributers and now the more regular contributors) are speaking to things that really matter to me and the people I know: intersectional justice, finding the skills to ride the storms of our lives and to take pleasure in the magic of the journeys we’re on. It’s no small thing. The Alternative Tarot class and Queer Witchy Resource site take it to the next level and make LRT a powerhouse of community, learning and celebration of our weird (wyrd) ways. Thanks for all you’ve given and shared over the years! Happy Spring!

  91. My favorite thing about Little Red Tarot is how homey and inclusive it is. I always feel welcomed here, and I’ll always return because of that, amongst many other reasons. πŸ™‚

  92. I love little red tarot, but I especially love the bits and bobs list. Whenever I’ve had a rubbish week or am feeling the need for a little love, the emails for LRT really perk me up. It’s like having a little bundle of loving kindness and exciting news delivered right to my email at the right time!

  93. One of the things I love about this blog is how darn inclusive you are. There is no defaulting to the “mainstream” view, or careless assumptions made about your readers’ physical health, gender, romantic status, economic status, race, etc. There’s room for everyone, and that is such a gift.

  94. Meghan says:

    Yup, I’ll echo everyone else and say my favorite think about this blog is its founder! Many happy returns, and good luck with the packing πŸ™‚

  95. Rhiannon Sunday says:

    I love your gentle encouragement to find our own path with Tarot! I also love the feminist, queer lens you work from, as well as your indie producer focus. Yours is the only shop I’ve ever seen address ethics re minerals, and if I ever feel a call to work with Quartz I will head right here. Happy Spring!

  96. Lisa Waugh says:

    My favorite thing about LRT is Beth’s willingness to venture out across the US to meet her followers. So glad we were one of the stops on that journey!

  97. Cristy says:

    I wss drawn here because of the queer friendliness, and still love your modern and inclusive approach to tarot.

  98. Emily says:

    One of my favorite things is the, for lack of a better term, “practical woo” approach to tarot and energetic work which LRT features. Very much appreciated!

  99. Suzi says:

    My favourite thing about LRT is that it is a community that continues to help me see myself and my world in the cards – it was a real turning point for me, and enabled tarot to be a useful and empowering tool. Thanks so much for building this wee space on the internet, Beth. It’s really special and important.

  100. BookishBroad says:

    My favorite thing about The Little Red Tarot is how you combine the analytical elements of the tarot with just the right dash of mysticism and beauty. Your alternative tarot course is the best guide to the tarot that I’ve yet to find and I love how you emphasize that a reader’s relationship with the tarot is as personalized and unique as they are. Happy Spring Cleaning!

  101. My favorite think about LRT is all the things we learn that we can do at home, like the oracle set, or the birth chart! It’s how it makes me discover new things. But also the general vibe that comes out of the articles <3

  102. olivialeigh7 says:

    Little Red Tarot has always felt like a tarot home for me – a place where I can count on finding honest, loving, relatable writing that both validates me where I am and encourages me to grow (always at just the right moment, it seems!). it was a true gift to find a community that engages with the tarot in a way that feels so authentically right for me.

  103. Jasmin Ickes says:

    My Favorite thing about this blog is that it always has the right words for someone in need.

  104. Umbraluna says:

    What I love most about LRT is all of the care that goes towards helping people grow and connect to themselves and the world around them, along with the unique diversity of approaches offered for this.

  105. First, happy birthday LRT! I absolutely love receiving your newsletter in my inbox, I know that what I am going to find will give me insight and much love into the tarot universe. I love your guest posts, you tarot deck reviews, I bought the Gorgon’s tarot thanks to you, and the tarot love and knowledge you share here. Thank you!

  106. Kyenne Williams says:

    i’m new to the LRT so my favoritest thing is that there is something new to discover everytime i check in – always a new deck to ponder, a new layout to consider and a growing sense of community to explore. lovely

  107. AJ says:

    Happy birthday, Little Red Tarot! I love that it’s queer-informed, and hits the sweet spot for me between woo-woo and uber-practical. πŸ™‚

  108. Madhvi says:

    I’m not the first one to say it and I definitely won’t be the last one to say it either. The best thing that I like about the little red tarot is – you Beth.

    From my first correspondence with you to the little note and sticker you sent in the mail along with my tarot. To your blog, the time you give and the love you share.

    I lovecoming back to your musings as it feels like coming back to a good friend. One who shares openly and leaves one feeling warm and better informed πŸ™‚

    I am so glad that you decided to start blogging and hope that The little red tarot has many more birthdays that I can be a part of πŸ™‚

    Sending you lots of love with gratitude. Happy 5th birthday and smooth moving (hug).

  109. I am just learning to read the cards after a love and fascination with them since I was little. I’ve collected tarot cards, but couldn’t find an approach to reading them that resonated with me. Beth, you have a lovely openness and honesty that rings true, and your non-predictive approach to tarot inspires me to explore.

  110. Claire says:

    My favourite thing about LRT is that you always encourage us to be our own, authentic, unique selves when reading…either for ourselves or for others.

  111. Beastnessa says:

    My favorite thing about LRT is your focus on community, connecting with other awesome tarot people and seeing your blog become a platform for them. Between the new writers on the blog and the Alternative Tarot community, this is a really wonderful and supportive place on the internet, which I think is something to be proud of. Thank you Beth!!

  112. syr says:

    My favorite thing about this website has been getting to be a part of the parts of yr life you share, and see how they relate and inform your relationship with tarot, which has just added so much depth to the tarot posts!

  113. Dana says:

    My favorite thing about Little Red Tarot is how down-to-earth the community is; everyone’s contributes to each other’s growth, and everyone is humble too. As a newbie, I’ve never felt out of place here, and have learned so much! Thank you Beth, for founding this wonderful community!

  114. There’s so much about LRT that I appreciate, but one thing I will mention is the photography and images. You always choose a variety of interesting card designs and you have a knack for setting up a shot. Plus you live in such a lovely part of the world that is so unlike the big city I live in, it does serve as minor escapism for me. πŸ™‚

  115. I had a tarot card reading from you, and you told me basically to “burn it all down” and it’s been empowering to say the least. I’m also now taking your tarot course and it’s great. Thank you for everything. You are wonderful. <3 <3

  116. Melissa says:

    I love seeing all of your different decks, and learning a bit from someone who knows a lot more than me about tarot!

  117. Lara says:

    What I love is that this blog is a way of reconnecting to ourselves and some rituals, in a non-religious, and queer friendly space. Really, the atmosphere is very friendly, and that’s something special in a digital space.

  118. Trine says:

    My favourite thing about Little Red Tarot is how you invite us into your world by sharing personal spreads and card interpretations. They resonate so often with what’s going on around me and it makes me feel connected to you and the community.

    Happy birthday Little Red Tarot!!

  119. Eva says:

    My favorite thing has to be the blog. The unique, down to earth insight, the spreads, the deck reviews, everything really!

  120. My favourite thing about LRT is the community of other tarot enthusiasts – no, wait, it’s the diverse approach to tarot, encompassing feminist, queer, non-white perspectives – no, wait, it’s gaining new insights from you, Beth, and now the other brilliant people you’ve invited to participate … suffice to say, I have too many reasons to be glad I discovered this delightful place/community <3

  121. Little Red Tarot is an endless and my favourite resource not only about tarot, but herbology, small businesses, moving to the countryside (just to name a few). I especially enjoy reading your more personal posts. Thank you for your openness! And your photos are great… Thanks for all the work!

  122. Miles says:

    LRT was the first thing that really made me feel like tarot could actually be for me. Down to earth & queer & young & feminist. No esoteric fantasy. Thank you ????

  123. Many happy wishes to LRT and yourself this year! My favorite thing about LRT is that it’s the first place I found that made me feel like my tarot practice wasn’t a deviation but a legitimate form of self expression. From the blog posts, guest bloggers, online community and knowledge shares I actually found community instead of being booted from one. It’s given me courage to go back into my own corner of the world and stand a little taller and be a little bit more me. Thank you for that and all you do!

  124. Also a relative newcomer here, but my favorite thing about Little Red Tarot so far is all the unique and interesting spread ideas you’ve created and shared!

  125. Jade says:

    Happy birthday to LRT! My favourite thing is being part of a community of witchy feminist queers, and having that reflected in my/ your tarot practice <3

  126. Samantha says:

    What’s not to love about Little Red Tarot? The interesting insight and depth of knowledge regarding all things tarot, the connections to other areas (like the Astro DIY and the other fascinating blog links) and not to mention the Alternative Tarot Course! I could spend all of my time reading this site, not to mention spend all of my money buying the great items for sale. It’s just a great little resource, nay community, that you’ve built here! Much love.

  127. Apparently, the word “giveaway” was enough to make me pop out of the hole I’ve been hiding in for weeks. And, Beth, my favorite thing about LRT is how welcoming you are to everyone and happy you are to talk about differing views. You are amazing! I can barely fathom how friendly and open you are. Thank you, Beth, for sharing Tarot and your life with us and letting all your readers feel free to share in return. xo!

  128. Xueying says:

    LRT is one of the blogs I read when I first seriously started to learn tarot, and it’s still one of my favourites. I don’t read too many blogs and you are the one I still check very often. You are not only sharing nice things about tarot, but also positive attitude towards life, which is very inspiring. Also another important point is, I like your shop! Sometimes it’s not so convenient to buy independent tarot decks from other continents, for someone lives in Europe like me, your shop is a good choice! And when I receive the package, I receive the wonderful vibe from you as well. Thanks a lot!

  129. Madelene Antrim says:

    I’ve dabbled in Tarot for about twenty years but only recently committed to a more serious course of study. I may have the opportunity to begin an apprenticeship with a really lovely and wise tarot reader but I want to go into it with at least a decent base of knowledge. So what to do? With so many books and blogs available where does one begin? I was immediately drawn to your blog, because, as a queer woman with invisible disabilities I was incredibly impressed with your “queering the tarot” entries and the solid but not preachy way queer theory is incorporated into your site. I also LOVE the layout! No links to astral projection courses (which are just fine, but not my thing) or other “junk” cluttering the page, just clean, lovely presentation and EASY navigation! I’m so glad I’ve found your site. <3

  130. John in Brooklyn says:

    I really like the Bits and Bobs newsletter and when you write twin articles showing how to work through a tarot spread and then how you used the spread yourself. I forward the Bits and Bobs emails to friends who are “tarot curious” when the articles or the email in general relate to something I’ve talked to them about.

  131. TRW says:

    happy birthday, and happy equinox! my fave thing about LRT is the alternative takes it offers on the cards – your commitment to providing modern, inclusive, queer-friendly reframings that not only help with readings but also feel good to read, make me feel heard and understood.

  132. chcbrd09 says:

    Happy blog anniversary! All the best for the years to come πŸ™‚

    I’ve only recently started learning Tarot, and have been a reader of LRT for maybe half of that time. It made me realize just how much of Tarot can really, truly be my own — say, how I’m not wrong or stupid in wanting to do away with masculine-feminine dichotomy of actions and aspects in the Tarot that I’ve felt uncomfortable with (seeing them time and time again in ‘mainstream’ resources), or how the queer experience can show differently in the cards than the rigid traditional meanings would prescribe… It may seem stupid that it didn’t occur to me beforehand, but, well, there it is. So, thank you so much for helping me allow myself to be queer in my fledgling spirituality as well.

  133. Heidi says:

    I love your practical approach with Tarot! The new moon spread, the birthday spread, the new year spread. All precious to me!
    Congrats on your five years and here’s to a lot of more to come!

  134. hellcat says:

    Congratulations and Happy Birthday!!! I’m so happy to have found Little Red Tarot – my favourite things include the delightful queerness, and the way that you write about tarot, as both informative and comforting. I love your column on Autostraddle as well, and especially appreciate your supportive voice in readings – I always read them even if the question isn’t something I’m feeling/relevant to my experiences, and they still make me feel wonderfully supported. Thank you, and best wishes for many more years of LRT!! <3

  135. Megan says:

    I love how down to earth you are and how accessible you make Tarot! Thank you for all you do and congratulations!

  136. My favourite thing about LRT is how, at every turn, this is about the reader’s experience through tarot. The emphasis is always on the individual’s interpretation and viewpoint (especially when it comes to Queering the Tarot). It just makes me feel like this is a safe space and a totally non-competitive place to talk about our questions, thoughts, and perception on the cards that we draw or the context of our lives at the moment.
    Thank you so much for this, Beth – it really is a gift in itself!

  137. Steph Sweet says:

    Hi Beth and Team…. The thing I have always loved about Little Red Tarot has been the newsletter. That is what turned me on to you. I love the personal details about your life that you share with your readers, as well as the glimpses into your existence through your photos. I love to see your adventures and hear about your partner and your cats! It really is great. Thank you for sharing these little bits about yourself with all your readers. It’s inspiring and has reminded me that it is due time for another adventure of my own! Take care and sending you all the best.

  138. Happy “another trip around the Sun, day,” Beth!
    I love this site because you curate the most lovely Tarot related products evah! And your site is so effing clean. I love the simplistic beauty of everything you post.

    Congrats on 5 years!


  139. Marie says:

    I love the alternative interpretations that are written about in columns like Queering the Tarot – it’s very useful for those cards that have never resonated with me, like the Hierophant. I’ve also learned about a lot of incredible decks through your posts πŸ™‚

  140. Anna says:

    My favorite thing is your personal approach to tarot and the way you adapt the tradition to include those who have historically been excluded. I discovered tarot through your site and it’s been the most welcoming, accessible, informative tool for me. I have so much gratitude to express now that tarot is becoming a bigger part of my life <3

  141. nicole says:

    I love LRT because I find so many new ways to interact with my tarot decks and intuition. πŸ™‚

  142. Kim says:

    My favorite thing about Little Red Tarot is experiencing your style of reading as well as your inspired, grounded and engaging interpretations of the cards. I bought Thea’s Tarot and the She is Sitting in the Night book by Oliver Pickle from your shop because of this one fantastic reading you did that was also featured on Autostraddle. It’s one of those readings that stayed with me for a long time, and it’s why I keep coming back to your site.

  143. Jacqueline H. says:

    Hi! I love everything about your blog, especially the advice that you give and your very creative spreads. As a new reader, it’s nice to have a great resource to add to my studies.

  144. Corinna says:

    Aloha Beth and Happy Birthday to Little Red Tarot. What I like most about this website is the abundance of tarot information from unbrainwashed sources. There is a wealth of information out there that are very identical. I like that the approaches on this website is in its own. Like your birthday spread, the newer post by Siobhan, and other guest speakers. I also totally enjoy that you use a variety of decks in your daily card and don’t just have 1 standard meaning. I am also incredibly grateful for your affordable tarot course. This spot is not over crowded with other craft information and it is intense information and to the point of tarot. In a way you probably don’t even know, you have given much good information away, I love this website. Rainbows from Hawaii and many more.

  145. My favourite thing about LRT is the fantastic tarot spreads – they inspired me to get back in touch with tarot after almost a year of radio silence. came for the spreads, staying for everything else – this website is awesome!! <3

  146. Oliver says:

    My favorite thing about Little Red Tarot is that it’s a space in the tarot community that’s safe for me as a transgender person. LRT makes expanding my tarot horizons accessible and helps me learn in ways that are relevant to my identity and community. The alternative tarot class has been invaluable to me. I look forward to the emails in my inbox and the obvious passion for your craft in everything you write!

  147. Belerus says:

    Hey! I’m late, but I wanted to say that my favorite things about Little Red Tarot are:
    -It’s a very friendly and kind place, the website and the forum.
    -It’s a queer place!!! Which is awesome because many many (really, so many) other sites are bi-gender and\or straight oriented.
    -It is very welcoming to tarot newbies like myself.
    -The style of writing is simple, poetic sometimes and beautiful.

    I came here from Autostraddle and I have no regrets!
    P.S. Happy birthday!!!

  148. Martha says:

    I love your card interpretation post library and use it often. I love that I can order from you not from America and that your response is practical and personal, and all your pictures of Skye that make me want to be there right now! Love, Martha

  149. My favorite thing are the card interpretation insights and I love the spreads you share with us. Honestly, it was really hard to choose one thing πŸ™‚ As a queer woman it means SO MUCH to me to hear another queer person’s thoughts on tarot.

    So much love!


  150. Angela says:

    Hi! Looks like you have lots of love already πŸ™‚ late to the boat, it’s snowy over here and i’m snuggled up knitting a tarot deck case from your pattern! My favorite thing about Little Red Tarot is the connections! I found you through autostraddle’s Fool’s Journey, and from your website and posts I have found many tarot readers, I follow a few on #gaywitchesofinstagram , including Siobhan Rene and Andi grace, and some I have found through your posts, your columns.

    I have found it inspiring to watch you go through your seasons, cycles and changes, and as someone who is going through my own big changes; choosing my own path, changing my relationships, moving forward in the world, yours newletter has been my second favorite about LRT, and is the most anticipated email in my inbox.

    Thank you Beth, for supporting all of the journeying and self reflection through tarot. May you be content and well. With love, Ange

  151. I love a whole lot of things about LRT… new spreads, discovering new decks and the variety of voices you share your space with. But I think my favourite thing is your voice, your authenticity in sharing your journey through life. The way you pounce headlong into your passions is inspiring! And I’m very excited to see more of Skye as it’s aplace I’d so dearly love to visit some day.

  152. mary silla says:

    Happy anniversary! Your site has a great mix of the woowoo and practical, with a wonderful tone. I love the insights into your life changes and the things you stock!

  153. Natasha says:

    Wowzas, look at all the comments! I think that says something right there…how many people just adore you Beth and this site! It really is so welcoming to everyone. I love reading the fresh interpretations of tarot and the fluidity and tolerance that is to be found in the tarot ( as long as we find it within ourselves)! You are inspiring to budding readers and I love being challenged to step outside of my personal ‘norms’ and see things from another equally valid perspective. Thank you for all you do!

  154. lebannen says:

    Hi there!

    Little tarot was my possibility to access to diferent tarot decks (since im from Argentina). The thing I like the most os the variety of information in different aspectos that are not common (like queer readings for example).
    Thank you for this blog and please continΓΊe doing it for next years πŸ™‚

    Bye bye

  155. theo says:

    I think my fave thing about LRT is how hard you’ve worked to make high-quality, intersectional information on tarot accessible to whoever wants to connect, whether that’s with informative blog posts, opening your blog up to knowledgeable guest bloggers and interviews, stocking hard-to-find resources in your shop, keeping the Alternative Tarot Network open by donation, sharing new spreads and empowering people to create their own, etc. You’ve really put in a lot of effort to make this a wonderful resource that only keeps getting better.

  156. I love that you’re an inspiration to people like myself who are women working for themselves in a more “alternative” industry and proving it can be done. Re-defining sucess by happiness!

    I love the tarot community and that its so global!! AMAZING!


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