The elements of the year

As we move from summer into autumn I feel myself becoming more aware of seasons – both external and internal.

I feel more sensitive to the changes taking place around me, but also within myself. The joyous bounding around and fiery energy of summer is fading with the warmth of those months, to be replaced by a quieter, more soulful feeling as September approaches.

I found myself searching through ‘wheel of the year’ images online, looking for something I could put on my wall.

Somehow none of the pictures I found were quite right. Some were too basic, some were too stylised, many used different correspondences than I do. I wanted something to express the particular ways that changing seasons feel to me, and how they correspond to the four elements of earth, air, fire and water. I also wanted an image which would include the four tarot suits (like the Wildwood Tarot ‘wheel of the year’ I wrote about recently).

I realised I needed to make my own.

Here’s what I drew:


Elements of the Year poster

A beautiful hand-drawn poster showing the wheel of the year, with emphasis on the four elements and corresponding tarot suits.

Hand-drawn by me, with suggestions for how to bring the energies of each element into your life as you move around the wheel. The eight traditional ‘sabbats’ are also shown.

  • Hand drawn
  • Printed locally on recycled paper
  • A3 size (30 x 42 cm)


Buy this poster

…or you can download your own copy here! Download is a 2.6MB PNG file, 5490 x 7344 px.


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  1. Ellen says:

    A great idea Beth! I’ve done something like this for the elements and one for the wheel of the year but the combination of them looks wonderful and very inspiring, Maybe I will give it a go for myself too

    • Little Red says:

      I recommend it Ellen! Drawing this really helped me to clarify the connection I feel between the changing seasons and the elements within me and out there in the natural world. I’d love to see your wheel and elements drawings! xx

  2. raggedpoet says:

    I am definitely an autumn winter person. I live at the bottom of the world now, and I get sad at this time of year and very homesick for Blighty, I think I have reverse SAD, as I get all the SAD symptoms at the end of winter, and as soon as the leaves start falling and the temperatures drop my mood lifts! I often think of getting a wee traveling home over there, (maybe a boat I lived on a canal boat there years ago), and the same over here and following winter around the planet.

    Blue skies are boring imho, give me clouds, storm, wind, snow… oh snow… long time since I saw that up close, although we are surrounded by snow topped mountains atm. I love the winter aspect of The Wildwood Tarot 🙂

    • Little Red says:

      I know what you mean about reverse SAD – I had a bad time for a couple of summers in a row which really made me love autumn as my personal ‘new year’, feeling this renewed sense of connection with myself and the world.

      That’s so great you used to live on a boat. I’m just coming up to one year on mine – I’d love to hear more about your experiences…!

      • raggedpoet says:

        I lived down on the Grand Union on pay wee 36 ft narrowboat… She wasn’t as cosy as Swallow, unlined steel lol! Everything got too hot to touch when the turtle stove was on, and someone gave me a fake leather chair which melted :-/ !! It was like living in another world though, winter mornings were amazing, waking up in a frosty tree tunnel!
        The thing about the canal is you see the world from a totally different perspective eh? You are kind if in the middle if two “backs” if you get me!!

        • Little Red says:

          I know what you mean – I’d never seen a kingfisher before living on a boat, in the past year I’ve seen several. And there’s no place to watch the seasons change quite like the canal…

          Wonder if you’ll ever live on a narrowboat again? Your experience sounds pretty intense…

  3. chloetarot says:

    A lovely poster, and a thought-provoking post. I don’t see rebirth until the first signs of spring pop up, rather than straight after the winter solstice. That still feels like a gestating period to me 🙂

  4. H. Klaus says:

    This is pretty cool! I’d have to draw something similar up myself since I have different associatians with the suits vs the seasons (basically push everything back one season and you have mine!), but it’s a good template with the circle and the different festivals that I might end up utilizing.

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