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  1. Elisabeth says:

    Awesome! Nice find!
    I just got around to sending you the one I told you I would, like, forever ago if that helps your decision. 🙂

  2. raevynwoods says:

    I would definately hold it. I never really connect with the Rider-Waite-Smith-deck, but this version is truly gorgeous. I’d love to just hold them and shuffle through the cards, feel them in my hands and sniff up the old-book smell. Even in the pictures you can feel the history of those cards.
    Definately a keeper.

    And if you don’t connect with them, you can always sell them later on…

    • Agreed. I was never really considering passing them on, it’s just the kind of thought you have! Though the thing is I am kinda afraid to read with them as they are in such great condition… and as a boat-dweller, I’m not someone who gives space easily to things that aren’t used…
      I’ll just have to get over myself and use ’em, right? Starting tonight, with a personal reading, methinks.

  3. Ren D. says:

    What an amazing treasure, and you are the perfect person to own this actual “little red (boxed) tarot”. There is a school of thought that, since everything on our planet is made entirely and soley from the same raw materials, that we are all intricately related, even to inanimate objects. So say hello to your little cousin, and keep the deck, haha!!

  4. Tango says:

    Ahh, it’s so lovely Beth! Great find. This post has made me even more impassioned to discover the history of my great-grandmother’s red-toned RWS deck.

  5. Xanax Buying says:

    My goodness. This is soooo lovely, I am drooling. This post is making me wish I had a grandmother who read Tarot and bequeathed me a vintage RWS. A girl can dream, right? xo

    • Right? I’ve always felt the same – I don’t ‘come from a long line of wise women’ or have an aunt or grandmother who would pass down traditions and tarot cards (more likely, they think it’s a load of old cobblers!)

  6. chloetarot says:

    I’m also in the “keep it” category 🙂 Hey, maybe something will come along later and you’ll feel its right to sell it, but for now, just enjoy the feeling, what you see, and the connection to the past 😀

  7. Lilith says:

    I finally picked up a copy of this deck (a modern reprint, nothing this fancy!!) from a table top sale at the weekend 😀

  8. Robin says:

    Can I just give a wee shout out and thanks for normalizing pronoun pointers 🙂
    It’s always exciting to me to find followers of older paths but with the modern adaptions of inclusion ?

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