Durham NC is secretly the best

When I told people I was going to Durham they said ‘Why? What’s there?’

I didn’t know. A party, I said.

The party was awesome. It was the launch of the Slow Holler Kickstarter funding campaign – a dance night full of beautiful queers, a raffle, a lot of great music, some tarot, a lot of sweat and some seriously dirty dancing.

Photo 29-03-2015 00 14 26

The next day, people came over for brunch. Homemade biscuits, greens, French toast, eggs, avocado and more.

Durham – where I hadn’t known anyone – turned into my favourite stop on this journey.

Photo 29-03-2015 12 16 48

Photo 29-03-2015 12 19 47

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And I got to meet someone really special! Beth Owls Daughter – a tarot veteran and writer of one of my favourite newsletters – invited me for coffee down town. We spent a really fun afternoon talking about the intersections of tarot, alternative spiritualities and politics, and plotting the revolution.

(Beth writes Wings, one of my favourite tarot newsletters, by the way. You can sign up to that here!)

Photo 31-03-2015 14 20 40

I stayed with some of the coolest people I think I’ve ever met. Kym and Vroom put me up in their caravan and made me feel so, so welcome in this laid-back little city.


Photo 29-03-2015 13 42 06

Photo 30-03-2015 17 32 26

I got to go climbing and do yoga, drink and laze around. It was warm, and nurturing, and fun, and special.

And I didn’t want to leave.


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  1. catmothcrow says:

    I looks like a blast! I’ve been following the Slow Holler project and I really hope they make their Kickstarter goal—I haven’t been this excited about a new tarot deck in a long while.

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