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  1. I’ve always seen the hierophant as a professor who means well, but is hung up on methodology. A gatekeeper of learning. I secularized the card because, like you, I was uncomfortable with the religious aspect. I’m going to have to rethink my interpretation.

  2. Siobhan says:

    “I’ve always seen the Hierophant as a professor who means well, but is hung up on methodology.”

    And it’s that too for sure! I just noticed my first interpretation of this card was one of the most one dimensional out of the majors and when I looked into why I saw it was because of my past with secular religion. Which while related to my interpretation I figured might also be limiting it.

  3. Erica says:

    Thank you so much for sharing your perspective on this card. I’m a Taurus as well and didn’t do well with organized religion, so I understood what you shared about identifying with The Hierophant. I particularly liked the way you linked it and The High Priestess with the Tao Te Ching. It added a lovely depth and new perspective for me. I look forward to reading your additional blog posts on this topic.

  4. Ashley Story says:

    “Watch for the responsibility that comes with disseminating knowledge. Watch for the opportunity for words to bring peace to many people when used wisely, the right speech, the well-timed lesson.”

    Holy fuck, holy fuck, holy fuck. All of this.

    This is definitely the most difficult card for me as well and I just sat there starting at the No-Thingness interpretation. And holy fuck is literally all that comes to mind.

    I love this series and I appreciate you so much and your wisdom.


  5. I recently played/was possessed by the Hierophant during a magickal theatre performance called the Oracles from the Living Tarot at a convention called PantheaCon. I read a poem of mine entitled “Trash Goddess in the Language of Asatru and Hinduism, Or: Because I Do Not Know Your Language Well Enough Yet” while dressed in fancy but broken down and filthy clothing and smearing eye-shaped foods and oat cookies all over my mouth. The Scissor Sisters’ “Filthy Gorgeous” was my intro music. Here’s the poem:

    Concerning the performance of sacred purification ritual using your own urine
    in the place of water:

    that “human” is far too small a word for what you are,
    O weird,
    die teased and wanting in the fullness of the degradation of life,
    liquid skin,
    counted breath,
    a final fetishistic meditation in every blink,
    O weird,
    they’ll tell you that Brahma blinks
    and that this dreaming world disappears
    when self-seeing light fills open eyes,
    and sweet,
    O weird,
    write your own disturbing dictionary.

    Note that “human”, from the Latin “humandus” ~
    that which must be buried ~
    gives you your immortality
    and that “weird” once meant
    fate and eventual failure
    to the Vikings,
    their gods dying
    in the fullness of the degradation of life;
    liquid skin and counted breath
    wilting victorious
    before enemy Giants.

    Only Odin’s ravens remained,
    to feast on divine eyeballs,
    and sweet.
    Their names were Thought and Memory.

    None of these words are large enough to fit you,
    O weird,

    lower your swollen and sickened mouth to your abdomen.
    Use your teeth to burrow past your intestines.
    Find that still place,
    where no wind blows,
    where your breath goes
    to die,
    where your power lies,
    that dirty, golden lake filled
    with the ghosts of your one-celled ancestors.

    Drink deep.

    Brahma blinks.

    I bless you,
    O weird,
    may your defining tongue taste like fertile diarrhea;
    you are most yourself when you are ground,
    unsure of your shape and freeing,
    These rites should fill you with terror.

    You are free,
    you are holy,
    you are kink and magickal talisman.

    Enter that temple now,
    filled with this lowest of priestly powers.
    We are ravenous gods
    when we are subhuman,
    feasting on divine eyeballs,
    juicy and sweet.
    We are liquid skin.
    We are counted breath.
    We are rising up

    in reverse.

    • Paypal Xanax says:

      That. is. wild!!!!
      I know poems have their own rules and
      I immediately wondered at what, if any, connections there are between Asatru and Hinduism?!! I mean, is this a thing??
      *trying to picture this
      *looks up PantheaCon
      this is easily the kinkiest thing I’ve read all year.

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