Dear Beth (full moon in Gemini)



I love you.

You are doing fine. You are a person who is worthy and good. You are a person who loves hard, who lives hard, who tries hard.

Keep loving and living and trying hard. Especially love, as hard as you can, as soft as you can, love until it feels like it’s all used up, then find that there are further layers, and further layers, and that the love is never used up.

Give all that you have. Give everything. Love yourself unconditionally. Give this to yourself, and then to the whole world.

You are not perfect and you do not have to be. All that you have to do is to commit to your happiness, by loving, and living, and trying.

Do what feels good and what feels right. When you get it wrong, be grateful for those lessons. Learn, grow, and try again.

Then try harder, live harder and love even harder.

I love you.

Beth x

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  1. Maggie says:

    That was such a courageous message thank you, letting go of judgement to love yourself unconditionally and knowing that that it is the only path to loving others in the same way. I am going to go out on my bike now to find a place of beauty and to absorb the possibility of just that x

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