Darkness prevails, but spring is coming

The weather is getting everybody down right now.

Here, rain, rain, rain and freezing cold. Living deep in a valley means less sunlight, more darkness. Half of the south is underwater. Across the pond, the blogs I follow speak of weariness of the snow. I feel a collective yearning for spring.

A poem, by artist and musician Matthew Shaw:

Darkness prevails yet light begins its ascent

When darkness prevails,
light begins its ascent,
the past recedes,
hope begins anew,
All is nothing,
most fertile beginning,
Let it all go,
without expectation.

Matthew Shaw, 2013

My love and I are growing restless. Winter has been long and cold and, with the hefty DIY projects we’re both knee-deep in, pretty darn broke. It’s been quiet, and tough, my fire dampened by all that wintery water. Nothing I try seems to take flight. I am full of excuses to stay in and stay warm.

But spring is on the horizon. Air. Deep, thirsty gulps of it. New perspectives. New views. We talk about moving, about travelling. About time together and time apart. About rituals and release. About different approaches to love.

The rain isn’t stopping and the cold still nips at my fingers as I type. These conversations take place quietly, without fire. But the changing of the light cannot be stopped. Spring will come, bringing a green, airy renewal with it.

“Hope begins anew.”

© Matthew Shaw - Lunar (Solar reflection)

Lunar (Solar reflection) by Matthew Shaw

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