Dark Days: New moon in Libra

This new moon in Libra is ideal for catching up on beauty sleep.

The darkening skies in the northern hemisphere invite long, luxurious nights in the realm of dreams. A quality dose of pillow time can result in rather miraculous rejuvenation, not to mention dreamy self-reflection. Guided by lustrous Venus, the airy queen of balance, this powerful divine-femme moon inspires as we bathe in the astral abyss.

Tarot cards pair beautifully with an intuitive practice of interpreting dreams. Try these tricks for an enhanced dream-divinatory experience.

Keep a dream deck

We’ve all heard of a dream journal: the notebook you keep at your bedside to jot memories of your nightly astral travels. Tarot enthusiasts would do well to keep a tarot deck specifically for the purpose of interpreting dreams. Connect with the deck each night before you sleep by shuffling a couple of times. This infuses the deck with your energy and places the exploratory emphasis on the dreaming to come.

Before & after pull

Try pulling one card before going to sleep and one card immediately upon waking up. This ritual bookends the dream experience with divinatory intention, possibly awakening a deeper layer of lucidity, memorability or vividness to the dreaming experience.

The midnight pull

If you wake in the middle of the night from a vivid dream, try quickly cutting a tarot deck and pulling a card instead of writing in a dream journal. This may cut down on sacrificed sleep, and it may offer deeper insight into the meaning within your dream.

Glance at the card for a moment while remembering your experience, ascertaining initial messages and omens from the combination of people, places and things in the cards and dream. Set the card aside so you can look at it again in the morning. Go back to sleep. When you wake, you may find the memory of your dream is easier to recall when you glance at the once more.

Lucid Dream Pull

If you find yourself lucidly dreaming, seek out or manifest a card deck in front of you. Pull one, two or three cards in your dream, taking note of what you pull. The cards may take a different or seemingly nonsensical form, and therein would be the opportunity for interpretation. Whatever you see in the dream world is a message directly from your subconscious to your conscious self.

You’ll absolutely want to journal after you wake from these dreams. If this practice interests you, make it a habit to shuffle your cards and ready your journal each night before bed, just in case.

Happy dream-reading, and happy new moon in Libra!

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  1. Otylka says:

    Wow. Thank You 🙂 I will try the trick with pulling one card before going to sleep and one card immediately upon waking up and I will let You know. I hope I will have some vivid dreams tonight 🙂

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