Cristy C Road + Michelle Tea are making a tarot deck and it’s time we all got excited about it

So. Have you heard the news?

Let’s all jump in the air and shout ‘WOO-HOO’ because everybody’s favourite queer-activist punk illustrator cartoonist zinester CRISTY C ROAD is making a tarot deck. In collaboration with none other than radical poet, writer and organiser MICHELLE TEA.


I’ve been following this project for almost a year hoping for a full-length interview but the truth is, Cristy is *ridiculously* busy doing grad school, the tarot deck, being an awesome activist and hell, being a freelance artist trying to get by in this world, so that gem of an article will have to come when it comes.

Meantime, please take this opportunity to enjoy the gallery of tarot-cards-so-far below, and support Cristy by any means possible, including:

Buy her artwork (including prints of some of the tarot cards below!)

Buy her books (including one of my favourite ever graphic novels Spit and Passion!)

Follow her on Facebook

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Visit her website

The following images all copyright Cristy C Road:


You should also check out this picture of radical tarot reader Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarasinha which, of course, Cristy created for Leah’s forthcoming autobiography. Here’s an *incredible* interview with Leah about tarot, intersectionality, activism and radical self-care.


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