Coven Verse | The Moon is Not Only Beautiful, it is So Far Away, by Julie Alexander

Coven Verse is an ad-hoc Sunday night poetry series on Little Red Tarot, sharing witchy and magical writing from our community and beyond. Want to submit a poem? Send it along with a brief bio to

The Moon is Not Only Beautiful, it is So Far Away

Once, the most important conversations
were about how the moon sounds—
the low arch of a cello, he said
the shiver of electrified bells, I said—
now the eclipse visits our talk only for a moment.
We could dance tonight by the kitchen window
in this house of our own. It could be October,
the season you promised would belong to me.
There might be the tenderness of wood smoke.
I open the door to call the dog inside
and the silver light cuts through like a memory
and everything falls again. Nothing mutes
the hunger, the burning dust of the human soul.
The moon has seen itself become a god, a devil,
and now the final witness in a world suddenly
starved for witness. Above garages and gowns
it hangs and it will outlast what it cannot remember.

Julie Alexander

Julie Alexander is a US-based university professor, poet, and entrepreneur. She has been studying and writing about tarot for over twenty years, and reads tarot professionally for academics, artists, and other critical thinkers.

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