Coven Verse | Silent Retreat

DIY Silent Retreat, new year’s eve

“I’m going to begin
my silence”
Sian said. And she did
Six of us murmured
in agreement.
Yonnie burned mugwort
for Alice’s sore back.
Ari closed her eyes.
Emma went next door.
Steph was walking her dog.
The sun came out from behind
the clouds.
The room brightened. The fire drew and swelled with life.
I picked up my notebook,
found a comfy spot
felt the enormous weight of
silence, space, stillness.
Then its lightness,
then its peace,
then its kindness,
then its potential,
then mine.

By Beth Maiden

Photo by Ozgu Ozden on Unsplash

I’m a 30-something writer, artist, tarot reader, and perpetual explorer of the space between thought, feeling, and action.

I believe that spirituality and ritual are for everybody. I’m about the journey, in all of its messy, non-linear, chaotic iterations. I am excited by anticapitalist business and living with my whole entire self present. I use tarot cards to bring forth hidden truth, and ritual to affirm my commitment, over and over, to my ever-shifting path.

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