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On synchronicity and networks beyond social media.

Earlier this year, I was happily hanging out in Durham, North Carolina.

I went into a cute little gallery space (Durham is full of cute little gallery spaces). And although I hadn’t done this anywhere else on my two-month US road trip, I got the urge to leave a few of my business cards there. Why? I don’t know. I rarely go hunting for work – it just seems to find me.


Five months later, out of the blue, Corina Dross emails.

Corina Dross! Literally one of my favourite artists! Creator of Portable Fortitude – a deck of cards I whip out when I want to impress some new friends. I have a Corina Dross magnet on my boiler, a Corina Dross patch on my bike pannier. When my dear friend got married, I framed my favourite images from my Corina Dross calendar and gave them to her. Yes, I’m a fan.

Yet aside from Etsy purchasing, Corina and I had never crossed paths. And now here she is, emailing me, asking me to design her new astrology website.


She’d just moved to Durham. And she’d gone into that gallery. And she’d picked up a card. And you know what? Before that request arrived in my inbox, I’d made a firm decision to hit pause on my web design work – until next spring at the earliest. I wanted to focus purely on tarot. But what can I say. I couldn’t resist.

I won’t go into our process here, but I do want to say that working with Corina is a dream. This is a person who shows up, y’all, and take it from a freelancer – this is a rare and beautiful thing. Over the three-month process of designing and building this website, Corina never missed a meeting and was never late, no matter what was going down in her personal life. She did everything she said she would do, when she said she would do it. I felt respected and valued and our project was a true collaboration. In short – she was a dream client. I just wanted to put that out into the world somewhere, as freelancers so rarely get to rate their clients.

Enough of my rambling! Here’s Corina’s new site: flaxandgold.com

flax and gold astrology

It launched yesterday, to coincide with the start of her new monthly horoscopes column on Autostraddle (keeps getting better, right?) Satellite of Love focuses on queer relationships, love, sex and romance and comes out on the first of every month. Whoop!

You can order readings via the site, keep up with her blog, and stay tuned for Corina’s new astrology course, Astrology 101, due to launch in the new year. Join her mailing list to be kept up to date!

Okay, gushing over. I loved this project and hope you do too.


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  1. SJ says:

    I can feel your excitement coming off my monitor! There has been a lot of synchronicity in my life the last few months, and I’m glad it’s working for you too. There are big things happening this year, to get us all ready for huge changes coming up, it feels like.

    • Beth says:

      I love how Corina and I ended up meeting not through our overlapping networks. I know what you mean about a feeling of change coming too. For me, that feels really kind of overdue – like I’ve been waiting for a big shift for months now and am starting to get itchy…

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