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  1. Alex says:

    Fabulous thoughts. Watts’ lectures on the Ceramic and Automatic myths of the world are very reminiscent of the AND/OR dilemma. I think that lecture can be found in his “Out Of Your Mind: The Nature Of Consciousness” series. I feel ya; AND people can be hard to come by. A beautiful thing about the AND mindset, though, is that it can be very accommodating of OR people. I suspect that the AND mindset arises from states of presence, openness, and a lack of judgment. However, it’s goddamn delightful to find yourself in the presence of AND company. I hope you keep exploring these ideas and cultivating your garden of consciousness. Looking forward to reading more from this column.

    • Thank you for this lovely comment!! And for bringing up the Ceramic and Automatic models!

      In Leonard Shlain’s *The Alphabet Versus the Goddess”, he (a neurosurgeon) traces the parallel histories of the invention of the written word and the rise of Patriachy, arguing that humanity shifted from right-brain dominant cultures (heavily mirroring AND thinking) to left-brain dominant cultures (which mirror OR thinking).

      And with that in mind, the Ceramic model (which separated the previous link between human & divine) and then the Fully Automatic model (which deleted the divine) seem to be further extensions of this left-brain dominance, that is, of OR thinking.

      Cheers to finding more AND company!!!

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