Community link love: part 4

In which we all gape in wonderment at each others’ brilliance.

Here’s the fourth installment in my (very) gradual roundup of every link you’ve ever sent me! 11 more brilliant blogs and wonderful websites for your enjoyment. These links come directly from a survey I did in November 2014 – there are blogs, corporate websites, Tumblrs, Instagrams and whatever else you decided to share.

Add your links in the comments too – let’s call this a shameless self-promotion series 🙂

brat bride

Via Greylady’s Hearth, by Ellen

Your challenge?

Visit at least two of these sites, read something, follow or leave a comment. Bloggers *LOVE* comments – go make someone’s day 🙂

Mick Frankel

Mick’s tarot, astrology and I-Ching website.

Greylady’s Hearth

Ellen’s daily tarot blog.

Guinevere Fae

Jenny’s tarot blog and readings

High Heels Film

Elaine made a film called High Heels Aren’t Compulsory. This is a pilot for a trans-positive drama series, which will be made in ten-minute webisodes.

Inner Whispers

Chloe’s legendary tarot blog, spanning years and a gazillion different decks

Justine on Instagram!

Jane’s hilarious Tumblr.


Danielle’s amazing writing blog (check out her poem 9 lessons in witchcraft.)

Completely Joyous

Joy’s tarot blog.

Kate Holderness

Actress Kate’s everything blog.

Kismet’s Companion

Tarotist and crafty-lady Vivianne’s humorous tarot-knitting-and-life blog.

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