Community link love: part 3

In which we all gape in wonderment at each others’ brilliance.

Happy weekend!

Here’s the third installment in my gradual roundup of every link you’ve sent me! 11 more brilliant blogs and wonderful websites for your enjoyment. If it’s Saturday morning where you are, why don’t you make a nice cup of coffee and have a good old click and a read?

Add your links in the comments too – let’s call this a shameless self-promotion series 🙂

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Belgrade, baby by Esther Vanhoutte

Your challenge?

Go to at least two of these blogs, read something and leave a comment. Bloggers *LOVE* comments – go make someone’s day!

And there are lots of Tumblrs and Facebooks this time folks… if that’s your thing then go follow or befriend!

Potter’s awesome tarot Tumblr! Lots of practice readings here.

Joanne’s thoughtful tarot blog/website.

Mackenzie’s cyberfeminist fanfiction. Oh yes.

A daily tarot card Tumblr by Calgary.

Science, feminism and the media…by a fellow boat-dweller!

A haunting and wonderful track which sounds like the soundtrack to the day you first discovered that nature is beautiful and unfathomable and terrifying.

Maps, comics, adventure! A beautiful map-filled illustration blog by Esther.

Katy’s on Facebook, go make friends!

…so is Tamara!

…and Taylor!

A Toronto theatre company who start conversations about the roles of love, sex, and gender in today’s world.

Get clicking! Go read some blogs and leave some comments. And let us know here which ones you liked.

Got a cool website? Add your link below so we can all take a peek 🙂

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  1. Oh, migosh! Thank you for the link! <3. Also everyone else looks awesome and I'll be going on a social media flirting/friending binge later tonight as a result.

    If anyone wants to know more about me, I'm a queer, feminist professional tarot reader who also runs a queer, feminist theatre company out of Minneapolis, MN. My fanpage as listed above posts links to my tarot writing, my Etsy, as well as allows me to interact with new friends!

  2. Hello! I write about gender, queer family, mental health, and leather on Cuntext and my related Tumblr, and my tarot blog is

    Also, Katy, the link didn’t work to check out your Facebook page, and searching that name on Facebook didn’t either, but I wanted to check you out!

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