Community link love: part 1

Lots of you have asked me for more links.

You want to know about other cool tarot bloggers out there! Me too.

Luckily, loads of you who answered my little survey also shared links to your own websites!

110 of you, to be precise 🙂

I did say I would click every link…and I did. Wowee. You are an INCREDIBLE community of bloggers posting all kinds of interesting articles about tarot card meanings, decks you like, tarot in your life and a million other things.

To avoid overwhelm, I’m gonna share these a just few at a time – here’s the first 11 (in a roughly alphabetical order…?) for your enjoyment. More to follow soon!

Add your links in the comments if you want – let’s call this a shameless self-promotion series 🙂


Your challenge?

Go to at least two of these blogs, read something and leave a comment. Bloggers *LOVE* comments – go make someone’s day 🙂

8 of Swords

Alison’s Tumblr tarot blog

Ace of Stars Tarot

Shonna’s tarot reader website

Adrienne Corral

A professional costume production portfolio

Alison’s Alembic

A thoughtful, personal tarot blog


Emma Appleton (my gorgeous love) is a brilliant blogging builder

A Road of One’s Own

Katie’s blog about living an authentic life

Caro Tarot

Caro’s tarot reader website, with a daily card blog

Cartomancy Corner

Judy’s personal tarot blog

C Delia Mulroony

A writer’s blog full of dark and beautiful secrets

Midwifery Quest

A radical midwifery blog written by someone I happen to know is one of the world’s great thinkers


Get clicking! Go read some blogs and leave some comments. And let us know here which ones you liked.

Got a cool website? Add your link below so we can all take a peek 🙂

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    • Beth says:

      Hey Keva! Aw, I miss seeing you and your kids there too! But there’s only room in my life for so much online time – Instagram had to go! xxx

  1. Alison says:

    Oh wow! I’m really excited about this list, though also a little ashamed about the state of my tumblr, ha ha! However, I’m going to take this as motivation to start giving it a little more love, and if anyone does check it out, I really hope you enjoy some of the older posts!

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