Tarot Herbology

By Alexis J Cunningfolk

Tarot Herbology journeys through the four suits of tarot through the lens of medicinal and magickal herbalism.

A Crown of Roses: An Introduction to Tarot & Herbalism

[Guest post] Herbalist and homesteader Alexis J Cunningfolk’s new series explores the connections between tarot cards and herbalism. Read more

The Windswept Garden: The Herbal Wisdom of the Suit of Swords

[Guest post] Our journey through the world of tarot and herbalism begins with the suit of swords and element of air. Read more

The Well of Memory: The Herbal Wisdom of the Suit of Cups

[Guest post] “In the realm of Cups, I turn to herbs that are soothing and moistening, helping the us to travel through the element of water with clarity.” Read more

The Flame of Desire: The Herbal Wisdom of the Suit of Wands

[Guest post] “I connect the fiery energy of the wands to two different kinds of herbs: warming stimulants and cooling nervines.” Read more

The Foundation Bones: The Herbal Wisdom of the Suit of Pentacles

[Guest post] “The suit of Pentacles asks us to seek out the green, abundant spaces in our life. If we lack such places, we must learn to grow them. If they have become overgrown, we must learn to find the sunlight again to nourish our roots.” Read more