Tarot as a Path of Healing

By Alexis J Cunningfolk

Tarot as a Path of Healing invites you to use your deck of cards in new ways to create a healing practice that is all your own.

Through the multifaceted magick of tarot, we can develop skills and techniques which support our work of self-discovery and the path of affirming our wholeness. Each post explores different techniques and practices that invites tarot in as a companion on your healing journey.

Tarot as a path of healing | Grounding & Centering

Learning to ground + center isn’t just to be able to react better to stress, but to allow us to focus the mind on what we want to focus on. Read more

Tarot as a path of healing | Warding

Wards remind us that we have a right to feel supported and secure in the world. Read more

Tarot as a path of healing | Journaling

Through my journaling, it felt like I went from just listening to the tarot to conversing with it and, in turn, conversing with myself. Read more

Tarot as a Path of Healing | Befriending

Befriending cards is a great exercise to figure out where you’re at in your life and to begin naming what you want more of, as well as what needs releasing. Read more

Tarot as a Path of Healing | Embodying (part 1)

If it’s all just spiritual work and of the soul, why bring our bodies into it? Because all of us have bodies. Because we filter the wisdom received from tarot through our bodies and have lived or will live the stories cast on the reading table. Read more

Tarot as a Path of Healing | Embodying (part 2)

Alexis shares a full-body tarot spread: “There is something powerful and vulnerable lying down and having cards placed on you while one or many folks begin to speak about what they see about you and your story via the cards.” Read more

Tarot as a Path of Healing | Questioning

Alexis guides us to explore the ways tarot offers us a tool for healing, and shares a simple candle ritual to bring forth your personal answers. Read more

I’m a 30-something writer, artist, tarot reader, and perpetual explorer of the space between thought, feeling, and action.

I believe that spirituality and ritual are for everybody. I’m about the journey, in all of its messy, non-linear, chaotic iterations. I am excited by anticapitalist business and living with my whole entire self present. I use tarot cards to bring forth hidden truth, and ritual to affirm my commitment, over and over, to my ever-shifting path.