Face Up Tarot

By Siobhan Rene

The Face Up Tarot series followed Siobhan’s practice of pulling cards consciously or “face up” to match a mood, feeling, or experience that she’d encountered. The series often yielded unusual and highly contextualized interpretations of tarot cards, sometimes naming feelings that are overlooked in tarot readings. The practice of pulling cards face up empowers the sitter to claim their feelings and agency while using the tarot in a way that is consistently cathartic and healing.

Face Up Tarot: Three Cups Reversed

New columnist Siobhan introduces Face Up Tarot, a series about face-up cards and the many ways they can be used; an exploration of agency, authenticity, and awareness. Read more

Food & Privilege: a free form face up spread

reflecting on privilege. ruminating on wholeness. and a free-form face-up spread. Read more

Face Up Tarot: rope, flame, & feathers

“The ‘just chill’ and ‘there’s something that you aren’t seeing’ vibes from the 4 and 7 of Swords…symbolize that sometimes this is what it feels like to be seen.” Read more

Face Up Tarot: the Wickerwoman

Move on to the next bonfire. Trust this one to run it’s course. Seven embers float in the card, echoing the sevens in the spread and also The Tower. This ace whispers ‘let your potential consume you.’ Read more

Face Up Interview Series: Sheilaa Hite

Digging deeper into the practice of consciously choosing cards, Siobhan interviews the tarot reader, mentor, & Intuitive Sheilaa Hite. Read more

Face Up Tarot: holding space

Sometimes a neighborhood critter can teach you more than a tantric instructor. Read more

Face Up Tarot: the Devil’s recipes

Siobhan takes a bite out of the Devil’s Saturnine-side, and it tastes like empowerment & motivation. Come get your Face Up fix! Read more

Face Up Tarot: how to juggle wishes

Siobhan digs into self-care, choices, balancing acts, and the muddy mirages of the Seven of Cups. Read more

Face Up Justice: when darkness arrives

Siobhan contemplates the duality of connection & addiction, releasing & receiving, tradition & adaptation. Read more

Face Up Judgement: Trumpets, Grief, & Getting Woke

“Perpetually sleeping and waking. We can only be as woke as we are. The cycle exists with or without judgment. Accept where you are, grieving, frightened, in denial, confused, unfazed, guilty, but remember, to keep moving through.” Read more

Face Up Tarot: How to wield the 9 of Swords

Siobhan navigates ambiguous waters of truth and lies and expression of such. Read more

Face Up Tarot: What makes a star? The gifted myth

Siobhan pulls the Star face up and debunks the myth of the naturally gifted. Read more

face up tarot

Face Up Tarot: How to breakthrough, even when you think you can’t

Siobhan writes about breakthrough, bodies, and processing one of the biggest, and most profound, face-up card pulls. Read more

face up tarot spread

Face Up Tarot | The Turn-Around Spread

Siobhan shares a Face Up tarot spread to help you lessen attachment to painful beliefs and deal with difficult situations. Read more


Face Up Tarot | 8 of Cups: Ripening, reaping, the difference & why it matters

Instead of the familiar themes for the Eight of Cups of letting go, we talk about the untapped potential to contain. Read more