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  1. Great article. I would like to add that besides the belief that money is evil, there is also fear involved.

    Expressing one’s desire, whether for another human being, or for money, is scary. As we are afraid to ask somebody out because we are afraid to be refused, we often avoid asking for money because we fear others may label us as greedy.

    When we keep telling ourselves how money is bad, we might actually be simply rejecting our own want of money so that others can’t reject us.

    It’s a very sad thing, especially when a tarot reader has such fear. You simply can’t dedicate all your time to something that doesn’t make you a living.

  2. I’ve been sitting with this post for a few days, and I’m having a hard time explaining my reaction. There’s almost an ableist tone to it, or maybe one of the privilege to find clients who are willing to pay good rates. If you don’t have that privilege, you need a job on the side to work up to being a Tarot reader full time, and then you have less time to practice to get better, and and.

    While the main point of this – that you are WORTH time and money – is solid, even with positive affirmations, balancing your checkbook, and asking for a raise (I’d take a well-paying & sustainable job first actually, the economy is SHIT for 20-something liberal arts majors, esp with disabilities, thanks), there are pretty serious roadblocks in the way. That’s why racism is a system of oppression. That’s why all -isms are systems of oppression. You don’t see it unless you are looking for it, and those things are in the way.

    Money is a great tool, but honestly I’d be happier if instead everyone had enough money to feed, shelter, medicate, clothe themselves, and have a hobby, then work for more if they wanted to (see: Mincome experiments).

    • Hey SJ,
      I absolutely 100% agree with you about the additional barriers that society+all the isms create – not enough business blogs do address this, for sure – it always seems to be the ridiculously huge elephant in the room.
      I feel like in this particular article, Theresa was specifically addressing that mindset that many people have – in this case people who are wanting to make a living from their tarot but find their icky feels about money are getting in the way – and attempting to unblock these in a direct, punchy way. No, it doesn’t deal with systems of oppression here (apart from perhaps gender, which is so often implicit in our feelings of self-worth), but those feelings of ‘not being worth it’, underselling/bartering away your talents etc, are real blocks encountered by folks from all backgrounds.
      There’s *so much more* to unravel in a discussion about our individual attitudes to money and business – I hope this post – and the comments being left here – are just the start. I’m glad you shared your thoughts, and I’d love it if we could explore more specific experiences and aspirations from folks of all backgrounds in future posts.

      • I appreciate the thoughtful response, Beth! I have so many ways I could say that this kind of “think positively” and “like attracts like” thinking messes with my brain, and mostly I’m glad I didn’t let the demons in my head go “but you like Little Red Tarot’s perspective on things, you should go ahead and believe every word in this guest post even though it makes you feel worthless that so many things are in your way!”

        Power of Positivity thinking does NOT play well with depression and anxiety.

        One thing that occurred to me is that there are so many posts and blogs out there that talk about changing your attitudes toward things like money, that it also seemed overdone to feature it here, without an emphasis on how these things really actually play out in our lives. So I’m looking forward to this being the start of a conversation, and I hope the people who really need to hear “your skills are WORTH charging for them” heard it!

    • Hello SJ

      Thank you for your comment. I appreciate your thoughts. Money is a loaded subject and it brings up a lot of reactions + emotions. This little post was just a way to start a dialogue about money mindset in my industry. Nothing more than that. One of my missions is to help my peers succeed and often that begins with the way they are viewing their work and their worth. I had hoped that my post would inspire my colleagues to begin contemplating how their attitudes about money might be holding them back.

      And you’re right – there are many other reasons why people cannot sustain themselves. Oppression is a very real thing and a subject best addressed in a different post instead of one like this, which is focused on an entirely different issue.

      Like you, I’d also like to see a society where everyone had enough money and everyone was fed, clothed and sheltered. When that day arrives, money mindset won’t be an issue.


  3. El says:

    …. The lack of deeper analysis in this texts leaves me really frustrated and even disappointed. Beth, I kinda see what you’re trying to say with your answer to SJ, but…. I really hope this post was a one time mistake, or that this discussion not will continue in this direction.

    • I hear you El. I’ll make a commitment now to unravelling more of what SJ raises here – I agree, it’s really important. I don’t feel that this post was a mistake – it presents one viewpoint – but I hope so much that I can present other perspectives and also begin to address issues like mental health, disability and systematic oppression which constantly trump ‘positive thinking’ for many of us.

    • Hello El,

      Thank you for your comment. I’m sorry that my post wasn’t to your liking. It was not meant to be a deeper analysis of money – just a post that I hoped would inspire my tarot colleagues to do some inquiry about how their own attitudes about money might be affecting their bottom line. My mission is to help my peers succeed – and sometimes that starts with a little gentle prodding.


  4. I for one appreciated this post. As a self employed freelance writer, I have let worry about raising my rates, and feeling like I don’t deserve to earn more, keep me from seeking out clients who value my work. I’ve started to shift my attitudes around money this year and have seen great results so far. I still have a lot of work to do around this, and obviously positivity isn’t everything, but I’m starting to own my money issues and that feels great.

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