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    • I just purchased the Dreaming Way a few weeks ago, and I’m really loving it! I wish the image here didn’t cover up half of the Lovers, as it’s one of my favorite cards in the deck: a woman in a green outfit and (strapped-on?) butterfly wings clutches the hands of two figures on either side of her, who are dressed in white. She could be Love bringing them together, yes–or she could be the third member of a poly trio!

      It also has a lot of fairly androgynous figures and really cute outfits and imagery to ponder (like why is the lobster in the Moon card red? Did the woman in the card cook it? Is she going to eat it??). Basically I love it, it is my new friend.

      • It is truly an awesome deck! It adds something to the world of tarot decks that I think is totally unique. I was drawn to the unique and extremely well done artwork by Kwon Shina, and the androgynous people. The concepts were created by Rome Choi who melded his background in Buddhism with tarot. This reflects my own interests, but I didn’t realize it until I after I bought it.

        I love that the person in the Moon card appears to be playing with the lobster. It has the potential to nip you and temporarily be a bit painful, but it’s totally worth playing around with (exploring with a rather childlike curiosity) whatever’s in your subconscious. I like your take on the Lovers card potentially being a poly trio! Whenever I get this card in this deck it often ends up meaning that all three people are aspects of myself that are in need of reconciliation.

  1. Mishka N. says:

    I’m glad you posted this-I had actually been having this exact problem. I bought the Universal-Waite, and this deck and I DO NOT get along. Initially, I wanted to buy the Rider-waite, deck, and didn’t realize I ordered the wrong one (I bought then online), until I got them in the mail. So now, I continue my journey.
    One question I do have is-how do I go about finding the right deck, without having to buy one deck after the other? I abhor clutter. Thanks again for the awesome post-have a wonderful day! 🙂

    • If there are stores locally that you can visit, that is a great option. You can hold the cards in your hands and look through each deck. Also, as Beth posted recently, you will be supporting local business and not the evil amazon. A lot of people don’t have that option though (self included). That’s why I spent hours upon hours perusing the decks that are available online. There were many that I liked, but I had to be really honest with myself about which ones were actually realistic to read with on a daily basis vs novelty ones that I just kinda, sorta liked the artwork. When I had it down to a few decks that’s when I did readings with what I had on hand and looked up the cards from each of the decks I was considering online. When I was able to consistently “get” the meaning from the Shadowscapes every time, I knew that was the one. That’s not to say you can’t have more than one deck that works well with you, but not everyone has the cash or desire to have lots of decks. I hope that helps and good luck!

      • Mishka N. says:

        Oh excellent! thanks so much. I’m glad I now have some direction to go in. I was a bit clueless for awhile. then I came across your site when I was researching something (what, I can’t remember) and then decided to follow you on Twitter. So glad I did-Thanks again! ^_^

  2. lustreats says:

    These are good tips. I’m getting ready to buy a new deck after coming to the realization that I really don’t click with the one I bought. I’m contemplating buying this one that I really like (Xanax American Express) but am trying to do the hard thinking of whether it’s a good “fit” for me to read from since the one I have is not

    • Thanks so much for posting this link to the Linestrider Tarot! I’m also deliberating about which deck to buy right now. While I feel pretty connected to my Universal Waite deck, I want to see what my other options are, and how readings might change if I use another deck. I’m mostly drawn to decks with ink and watercolor drawings, as well as ones with lots of animal imagery. Any decks where people have really strong, clear facial expressions turn me off–it just feels like it limits the interpretive possibilities. So now I’ve got it narrowed down between the Wild Unknown, the Wooden Tarot (Order Xanax From Canada), and the Linestrider tarot. Hmm….

      • lustreats says:

        Emily, did you pick a deck?

        And those of you with “stinkers” what have you done with them? I would like to find a way to pass my dud deck on to someone who’d appreciate it – or at least do something other than put it in the goodwill box – cause that just seems wrong.

        • I haven’t picked a deck yet because I want to sit on the decision for a while. I’m going to buy myself a deck as an end-of-the-semester treat. I’m also hesitant to buy one because I don’t want to end up with a “stinker,” especially at $40USD stinker! If you have a local tarot reader, maybe you can ask them if they know anyone who’d like to buy it off you? Or I guess you could ask in a tarot forum. Seems like a good way to get the deck to someone who will really want to use it.

  3. Xanax Buying says:

    Ah well, we all go through this I think. I’ve got several “stinkers” as I call them, but sooner or later they pop out and you realize they aren’t so bad, or you have fun with them.

    I’ve always, always loved the Dreaming Way and the beautiful watercolours and fresh look of it. The book is terrific. Same with Shadowscapes, which took a lot of flak because she had taken existing art and fit it to a tarot deck. That never bothers me, I just enjoy the art. She wrote the book herself which is enjoyable.

    I still persist in buying new decks and using everything I can on my card blog. I rotate them and find that helps with a deeper connection to cards. I also find pairing them up to be a fresh sort of exercise in meaning and interpretation. I like to do comparisons across decks of specific cards–again, another way of finding meaning.

    I’ve got the Mystical Cats on backorder and I was just looking at the Lo Scarabeo 2015 releases and the Infinity Tarot looks interesting in both shape and artwork. Each one adds to the mix and makes it more interesting. I see many of the self-published decks I like (Gorgon Tarot Beth!!) but they are above my means so I am thankful that conventional publishers still offer affordable decks.

  4. It has been to my own witnessed experience that the RWS’s being geared to beginners in tarot-reading is really meant as being true in “most” cases, but not all. That being said, I fully understand the occasional inability to “get along” with any particular deck. For example, amongst my personal collection, I have an absolutely lovely Medieval Scapini Tarot that was given as a gift to my by my sister in law. The downside? While it is artistically delightful, I simply cannot make usage of this deck, and therefore it rests amongst my unused Tarot collection. This brings me to a thoughtful point– the Tarot chooses Us. We do not necessarily choose it.

  5. Julia says:

    Thank you for this. I haven’t brought a deck yet, stuck between the feeling I ‘should’ start with RWS as a beginner and the sense that I don’t feel especially drawn to it. After this, have decided to just go with The Wild Unknown Tarot, as it was the deck that made me really itch to try tarot in the first place.

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