Checking in: Where I’m at and where I’m going

It’s a month since my new moon ritual.

At the last new moon, feeling strongly the urge to bring more earth into my life and to calm down the internal fire that makes me hyper, sparky, quick to decide/act and generally kinda intense, I gave thanks to the elements that had brought me this far in my 33-year-old life, and said goodbye to energies I no longer wanted to dominate. You can read about that here.

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Since then, life has been strange. Processing that beautiful evening has taken time, with new ideas and feelings emerging almost daily. I’ve been on a quiet rollercoaster, trying both to experience all of the shifting energy inside me, and at the same time to stand back and observe it all.

There’s been an impact on my work, too.

Initially, there was plenty to share on the blog. Posts I’d written whilst off in my cabin, ideas I’d jotted down, answers to questions people had emailed me. I got back from the US and after a few days of chilling with my gorgeous love, I was back at the keyboard, typing away furiously.

Then it all swung the opposite way. I didn’t want to be anywhere near the computer. I took random days off, consciously not caring if I had promises to keep, emails to send, things I’d said I’d do. I just needed to be away from it all for a moment.

Now, I can feel things settling. Balance returning.

I’ve spent the past few days quietly planning. Not, in my usual way, jotting down ideas and then before I can even flesh them out, leaping in and starting. And not, as I often do, writing endless lists and working through them.

Planning in a more holistic way. Figuring out the next steps for Little Red Tarot in line with my longer-term life goals, rather than just what I fancy doing this week, or what I’m excited about today.

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Yesterday I visited a herbalist. I was looking for earth-based support for the changes I want to make in my life. Our session was wonderful and gave me heaps of confidence. Perhaps I’ll share more about this as and when I begin the three-month programme we agreed.

So what’s next for Little Red Tarot?

Less of a scattergun approach. I’m tired of leaping on whatever idea is at the forefront of the merry-go-round of my brain whenever I get to my desk. This is all about slow planning, choosing projects based on what feels good and what contributes to the long term goals.

Which means better communication. Sure, I keep you in touch via my bits and bobs list – that ain’t gonna change (I love writing to you guys!) It just…maybe I’ll think a little about what I’m gonna say.

Fewer blog posts. I’ll still be checking in a few times a week (try and stop me! This blog is my favourite thing) but I give so much time to writing this blog that there’s little left for longer term projects – the tarot book I’d love to write, the programmes I’d like to develop…and the other things in my life that aren’t Little Red Tarot.

A calm sense of progress. Doesn’t that sound nice? I’ve never really had a ‘calm sense’ of anything but hell, I’m going to do my best here. There are a whole bunch of products and freebies I want to create for you this year, which is obviously awesome…but my problem is usually that I’m trying to do all of them at once.

The new approach is about working in a focused way on one thing at a time, knowing in advance which things will be finished when, so that I can launch them properly. You can expect videos, books, one-to-one work and loads of great tarot learning resources… but all in good time.

Starting with the Alternative Tarot Network, which I’m finishing up this week! It’s an online community where we can all talk tarot together. Hold fast, make sure you’re on my mailing list, and you’ll get all the info as soon as it’s ready.

Of course, I asked my cards for their thoughts

I might share this personal reading later on, for now, it’s mine to meditate on. Filled with symmetry, confirmations and some gentle advice, my cards really came through for me today.

Photo 19-05-2015 19 10 10

Checking in with myself one month after my ritual has helped me to feel stronger in my intentions, more committed to the changes I want to make in my life, and happier about where I’m going. This new moon – which is in Taurus, a steady, sensible, solid kinda place – is where I’m hoping things will settle.

Here’s to a steadier, more grounded and more heart-centred approach to my life and work. It’s been a long time coming.


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  1. Elisabeth says:

    It’s so wonderful you found that place of calm planning, work, and progression toward large goals! Congrats! Maybe someday you’ll write a book about it so I can get there too! Good luck to you–with all my heart!

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