Change itself is steadfast


This morning I rose early, as usual, made the fire, made coffee, and drew two cards, from two very different decks. From the Wildwood Tarot, I drew The Wheel. And from my new Mirrors of the Heart oracle, Steadfastness.

Such opposing concepts. On the one hand, the great wheel of life turns, seasons change, the old is rolled over and the new rushes in on the breeze – the tapestry of life is woven from many threads and found things. On the other – solidity, foundation, and the ability to withstand this change.


The Wheel traditionally represents the cycle of eternal law and evolution that all living creatures are governed by. Change is unavoidable and necessary if the cycles of nature are to remain alive and regenerative. But on the human level we are the weavers of our own destiny.

Mark Ryan and John Matthews, The Wildwood Tarot

It feels like a message to anchor myself to something – to weather storms, to know what my rocks are amidst the inevitable march of time. To allow myself to go with the flow of change thetis around and within us all, yet at the same time to learn how to sit peacefully and observe and learn from ancient places – rocks, mountains, trees, standing stones – that have withstood centuries and seen so much. Amidst change, there is stillness, amidst stillness, there is change.


I know that this is something I must learn this year – how to blend these two opposing energies, rather than dashing from one extreme to the next. I tend to be overwhelmed by a feeling of stuck-ness, so deliberately create chaos and change in my life, just for the hell of it. Then, when I crave a little stability, I slow down to the point that I feel low, stuck, unmotivated. To be at the same time rolling with the changes and able to find space to observe what is changing – what is left behind and what is coming in.


I’m sitting at my desk, in my caravan by the sea, watching, as I have every morning for seven days, the dawn. It is achingly slow – first blackness, then, gradually, a deep deep indigo creeps over the land. I begin to see the silhouette of the mountains of Knoydart, across the sound, emerge from the dark. Slowly, slowly, the sky lightens, revealing cloud and the snowy contours of the landscape, morning birds fishing in the lagoon below, until, finally, the sun emerges behind the trees on the forested point that juts out beside this bay, and I can fathom what kind of a morning it might be. At this point in the day, it’s easier to see change happening. And to know that, whatever I was feeling, whatever I desired, this would happen regardless. The change itself is steadfast; the sun always rises, the next day always comes, bringing potential, bringing change. There’s a rock, an anchor, in simply knowing this.

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  1. Trine says:

    It’s a powerful combination seeing those two together. I can relate to what they are telling you, as I struggle to come to terms with their powers myself these days. On my part, it’s accepting what I cannot change or influence, accepting that whatever comes will come if I don’t cling too tightly to an effort of being in control. And really that of finding my rocks, my anchors in this percieved turbulence that has been my life the last couple of years. To some extent I know what and who they are, but it’s hard for me to allow myself to lean on them. I feel like something is about to transform this year, if I can only let it.

    I wish you well in your endeavours with these two reinforcing opposites. And I really love your descriptions of Skye. It makes me want to travel there sometime!


  2. Beautiful and poetic post, Beth! It reminds me of the Osho Zen Tarot version of the Wheel, where the book talks about finding the still point at the centre of the wheel, at the axis of all that movement… 🙂

  3. Leah says:

    Gorgeous post, Beth. Really this one AND the last one — your thoughts and the photos!! LOVE!!
    I still can’t believe you drew a card for 130 different people!!! LOVING reading all of your responses and super grateful for mine — SO spot on! Thank you!

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