Category: The Gorgon’s Tarot

All change

September, my personal 'new year' month, has been a real ride. So much has happened in the past four weeks and today, finally, I have a day to myself to gently think it all over and reflect on the changes within me.
It's time to do some tarot.

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A kinder Two of Swords

Two of Swords (from the Gorgon's Tarot)

I often see the Two of Swords as being emotionally closed-off, self-protective to the point of a deep and solitary sadness. But Dolores takes a kinder approach in her description of this card, suggesting that this woman has purposefully and perhaps wisely withdrawn in order to think through a difficult predicament.

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Four of Wands

Four of wands gorgs tarot

Daily draw - 8th May 2011 A card for celebration, for joyful release. I’ve thought of this card as one for that half-way point, where you’re on the track to success, you’ve worked really hard, and it’s time to stop and celebrate how far you’ve com...

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