Category: Tarot readings

A distant reading

shadowscapes tarot cards

A friend in a far-off land asked me for a reading. He texted me the question and the deck I should use. The question was: What does the coming year hold for me? Sheesh. I've never done one this big-feeling for someone else (and none at all for som...

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Two-card tarot readings

two-card tarot readings

Cards can be paired in all sorts of ways - things in common, opposing ideas or forces, complementary ideas or forces, two neccessary characteristics in one situation... is interpreting two cards as a pair necessarily a two-card reading? I think so...

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A tarot spread for balance

tarot spread for balance

I found this spread in the companion book for the Shadowscapes Tarot - it's designed to help look at the different things you're balancing - whether they are creative projects, work, commitments, emotional things... and identify the different fact...

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