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We finally meet. After years of ogling others’ Collective Tarot decks, I’m so happy I now have my own. I’m gonna sit here, on this gorgeously bright Wednesday morning, with a bowl of porridge and a good strong coffee, and ask these cards all about how we’re going to get along…. 1. Tell me about yourself. …

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Back by popular demand, I’m offering gift tarot readings via my online shop – hurrah! View in the shop You can now share the tarot love with your nearest and dearest by buying them a gift tarot reading – a thoughtful and unusual gift with a really special touch. I’ll write them a personal letter which explains …

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A couple of weeks ago, exasperated by the rain and needing to Go Somewhere, anywhere hot, I booked a trip to Spain. Camping on the coast and a city break at the end. Em texted and said she’d come too. Perfect! The night before, after packing our small bags, Em and I drew cards for …

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There’s a bunch of interesting stuff going on at the moment, so I’m going to check in with myself using my full moon tarot spread. Cards are from the Wild Unknown Tarot, by Kim Krans Waning moon 1. Things to let go of: Son of Cups Out with the young, brash romantic. Those dreaming, rather …

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Is that spring-like sunshine which through yonder window breaks? OMG it is. At last. And I’ve realised just how dirty yonder windows are. Time for a spring clean! If you’re anything like me, you’ll find that as the days grow longer and the sun grows shinier, you’re emerging, blinking, from a wintery hibernation and starting …

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My 2014 ‘year ahead’  astrological reading by the brilliant Eric Francis has been a fascinating read. I won’t quote my reading or go on about it too much here – if you want one, you’ll need to go to Planet Waves and order your own! But there is plenty of thought-provoking, relevant stuff I just want to get my …

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This week, I’ve been offered the opportunity to submit a business proposal for a new project. The work is not something I’ve considered before… well, that’s a lie. I have considered this line of work before, but laughed it off thinking it ‘just wasn’t me’. Now I’m thinking differently. It’s a new year, and I’ve been actively …

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Okay, so it might seem a little odd to write about self-care just a few days after coming back from a (first ever!) beach holiday in Ibiza…but hey. Maybe I’ve got the post-holiday blues. Thinking about self-employment and how to get by in the big wide world right up until the moment of departure, then …

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The Mary-el Tarot, by Marie White, is a mammoth of a deck - stuffed full of mythology, ancient symbols, graphic realisations of life and death, creation, birth and destruction. I'm falling for it big-style, but it's gonna take me a very, very long...

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As well as being an awesome tarotist, Moti is the treasurer of TABI and an all-round lovely egg. Reading her blog lately, I came across a really brilliant, simple three card spread. It's called the Gateway spread and it looks like this: 1. The loc...

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My friend and I bought each other a Tarot deck - the same one. It was the Anna K Tarot, and mine came today. Hurrah! I've spent many hours virually thumbing through the deck on Anna's website, loving so many little details and overarching features...

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I drew three cards to understand just where I'm at right now. There are many things swimming in my head - a hangover from hard times several years ago. I need to sort the wheat from the chaff. Six of Cups - a sense of nostalgia, harking back to in...

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