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Four elements jewellery

Earth element necklace

In ¬†January, I needed more earth in my life. My new(ish) boat was leaking and I was struggling to ‘nest’, much as I wanted to. I felt stressed out by the place that was supposed to be my sanctuary. I felt I was lacking the element of earth, I couldn’t ground myself, couldn’t find strength …

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Penny’s knitted tarot bag

Awww… don’t you just love the internet! Penny Instagrammed me yesterday to let me know that her mum had used my knitting pattern to make her a cute tarot bag. And then she sent me pictures! If you’re interested, the knitted tarot bag pattern is here. Thanks for sharing Penny! Thanks for knitting Penny’s mum! …

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A boatwarming present

Queen of Pentacles

I don’t think my dear friend Polly realises that she is slowly creating a full set of tarot queens for me. But she is. Here is¬†the right honorable cushdy Queen of Pentacles: You wanna little more of Polly’s wonderousness, no? Okay then.   Queen of Swords Queen of Wands (aka the Knitted Goddess)   Beth …

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Doll parts

For some reason there's been a lot of doll-making around lately. (As in, around me - I've not noticed some global phenomenon or owt.) Firstly came the little cat - a birthday present made from an old jumper. For the sake of this being a tarot blog...

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A little more knitting..

Knitted tarot bag anna k

Awww...I'm excited to say that the Wildwood Tarot now has its own little pouch. The basic pattern is here... And then Anna K got one too: A different pattern, cus her cards are smaller...I made it as a graph as I went along so hope it can be under...

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